Sabah Crisis: Taking Responsibility

The Kirams should be made accountable for the reported harassments and atrocities being perpetrated by Malaysian authorities on hundreds of Filipinos, including long-time residents, in Sabah.
The ill advised incursion to Sabah by Kiram’s followers clearly angered the Malaysians and prompted misguided elements of their police to maltreat scores of Pinoys in Sabah.

It is very tragic and heart-rending reading tales about the eviction from Sabah of Filipinos who had been living on that island for decades. Equally lamentable is their inability to eke out a living in their homeland — and it’s all because of the senseless armed incursion of Kiram’s followers to Sabah.

What have the Kirams got to say about the plight of hundreds of our countrymen who have been forced out of Sabah?

Why didn’t the Kirams and their advisers anticipate this kind of adverse backlash to Filipinos who had been living and working peacefully in Sabah?

The Kirams should be held responsible for the loss of innocent lives — both Pinoys and Malaysians — and livelihood of hundreds of Pinoys in Sabah.

The Kirams should account under relevant Philippine laws  for the mayhem in Sabah which they instigated because of their selfish and dubious bid to reclaim Sabah.

(NOTE: The piece above was posted March 10 of this year in the online edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer)


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