Catholic Church Steps Up Attacks on RH Law

[NOTE: Blog or reaction to March 18 Philippine Daily Inquirer story entitled “Lagman: Priests violating seal of confessional to hit RH law”,

Before Fr. Melvin Castro and other leaders of the Catholic church attack further the RH law, it is best for them to respond to the following questions:

What have they done to help poor families plan the number of children that they are having?

Does the church care at all if poor children are cared well by poor parents with insufficient means to feed, educate and turn them into responsible Christians?

Or is the church only interested in procreation – no matter what hardships children of poor families have to endure?

What is the church doing to help on a regular and comprehensive manner the poorest of the poor and their children meet their financial and other needs?

The Philippine Catholic church is said to be rich due to donations that it receives from its millions of its members and returns from its investments. It is also said to remit monies regularly to Rome.

Why not use part of its funds to set up free seminars and training programs to help the poor plan the size of their families?


One thought on “Catholic Church Steps Up Attacks on RH Law

  1. The Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization in the world. It established the university system and orphanages. It feeds more people in the world than any government or other organization. It created the hospital system and has countless schools throughout the world. Can it do more? Certainly. I’ll leave you with this: “You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me,” – Jesus , Matt 26:11.

    I haven’t read about the RH law, but if you are insisting on killing children so that they might not suffer poverty, you have a misunderstanding of human dignity and morality. It is not sinful to bring a child into poverty (like Jesus was). Under your interpretation of social justice, Jesus would have been aborted or Mary given a pill at the onset to prevent his coming. It is not sinful to be poor, but it is sinful – and evil – to take a life, especially the life of one so small and innocent. God’s love be with you!

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