Who will police Manila’s anti-graft body?

Ombudsman Conchita Morales is being criticized severely in Manila over her agency’s recent dismissal of plunder charges filed by retired Col. George Rabusa against three former Armed Forces chiefs, 14 other top-ranking military officials and five civilians who worked for the military.

The charges relate to billions of pesos of alleged misappropriated funds in the Armed Forced of the Philippines (AFP).

Rabusa has presented to a Senate probe body more than 200,000 pages of photocopied documents and affidavits contained in 352 big brown folders. The pieces of evidence were so damaging and incriminating and prompted former AFP chief Angelo Reyes to commit suicide apparently because of shame.

But for inexplicable reasons, the Ombudsman’s office dismissed the plunder charges filed by Rabusa — in spite of the wealth of evidence presented by the latter and affidavits executed by former AFP officials and civilian staff.

The Ombudsman’s action and decision have inevitably raised more questions than answers.

Who or which government agency will ensure that the ranks of the Ombudsman’s office are not tainted with graft and corruption?

Who will police the graftbusters and charge its officials and staff  suspected of being tainted with corruption?

Unless this murky issue is resolved effectively, the Philippine government’s campaign against endemic graft and corruption will always be clouded with doubts and skepticism.  


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