Are Senators Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, Marcos, Revilla and Honasan clean or corrupt?


All five senators have been named in an ongoing National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) probe into allegations that they allowed part of their annual P200 million “pork barrel” or funds for development projects to be used for non-existent projects.

Simple denials won’t do. Claims of lack of knowledge about non-governmental organizations which used some of their development funds for alleged bogus projects are idiotic.

They’re veteran politicians and should come up with much more logical and sound explanation for this alleged anomalous diversion of some of their development fund allocations.

If they can’t explain themselves properly, they’re no better than and even much worse than pickpockets and thieves who prey on ordinary people.

Why is this so?

Because public funds that they must be pocketing – if allegations against them are proven correct – run into tens of millions of pesos. Huge amounts which could otherwise go a long way in easing the sufferings of the poorest of the poor in our country.

Instead of crying against alleged political harassment by the PNoy government, these senators should instead address and prove the allegations wrong.

If they fail to do this, all Pinoys – back home and overseas – should publicly ridicule them in online forums and should never vote for these people again if and when they seek higher office in the future.

Thieves and those with questionable integrity and ethics should be reviled and booted from public office sooner than later.


One thought on “Are Senators Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, Marcos, Revilla and Honasan clean or corrupt?

  1. The government is idiotic- as usual. Why do we keep these clowns in power? What is it with the constituents who are just so easily swayed by these opportunistic bastards? It seems that there has been an increase in political dynasties at present. I apologise for ranting, but come ON! The rest of SE Asia are now mobilising positively in their own economies, whilst our gov’t still sends away people on an exodus like worked-up cattle just so they wouldn’t bother to move their sagging butts to actually make work and educational reforms. A pox with all of them 🙂

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