Is President Aquino really serious in curtailing big-time graft and corruption in the Philippines?


I can’t help but doubt this. Why? Because his government can’t seem to muster enough courage to stop giving senators and congressmen up to P20 billion every year in “pork barrel” or country development funds, most of which are lost to graft & corruption as their disbursements are hardly subjected to COA audit.

Sadly and ironically, scores of our senators and congressmen are big-time grafters – and they’re not even prosecuted!

What hypocrisy! Especially lawmakers who chase after suspected grafters.

Our lawmakers should simply focus on drafting and adopting new laws, as well as amending those which need to be refined or revised.

They have absolutely no business pursuing development projects in different parts of the country as this is best undertaken by different government departments whose expenditures are subjected to COA checks.

Just imagine what P20 billion a year can do to construct new schools, irrigation projects for farmers, livelihood projects for the poor and other vital infrastructure projects.

And yet PNoy and other top government officials don’t seem to see fit to put an end to this obnoxious and exceedingly rotten pork barrel system!

To say the least, this is extremely disgusting.

This is especially so because our president keeps on pronouncing to all and sundry that eradicating graft and corruption is one of his very top priorities.


2 thoughts on “Is President Aquino really serious in curtailing big-time graft and corruption in the Philippines?

  1. Aquino still possesses that cowardice displayed from his mother more than 20 years back. Indeed, such hypocrisy displayed in his administration. Why can’t the man man up and boot out the losers still wanting their big chunks of meat while in his leadership? Again, it could be (just mere speculation) that he has benefitted in such schemes, as well. The real ailment to our society are these sorts of clowns not taking the world seriously.

    I hate to say this but, we’re the only SE Asian nation not acting like a real mobilised and disciplined nation like in most others (heck, even Indonesia is developing at a larger scale for goodness’ sake). We’re now even compared to the likes of other terrible South American countries (Columbia, Bolivia), Haiti and even like Nigeria. I guess that these are what these clowns wish Philippines to remain in. F***ng losers.

    • PROVERBS 29:4-12 By justice a king gives a country stability,but one who is greedy for bribes tears it down.IF A RULER listen to lies all his officials become wicked.

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