Nur Misuari should be jailed for Zamboanga violence

Nur Misuari should  be jailed for Zamboanga violence

So called leaders who turn evil are best eliminated than simply being charged in court and later, jailed. While this line is clearly un-Christian, I firmly believe that taking down Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) leader Nur Misuari by a sniper or a small commando unit is the choice of the lesser evil.
Why eliminate him?
Because this is likely to end the ongoing firefight between Misuari’s MNLF bandits and government soldiers which have so far killed more than 10 people, injured dozens and displaced hundreds in Zamboanga city.
What’s more evil in what Misuari’s men is doing at this time is their cowardly use of more than 100 civilians as cover against gunfire from government soldiers.
If not eliminated, Misuari and his commanders should be immediately charged with rebellion and thrown to jail when the hostilities subside. They should be made to pay for the death and destruction that they are causing.
Misuari has been widely criticized for the loss of hundreds of millions of pesos of taxpayers’ money and his alleged personal use of those monies during his term as governor of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). As a result, poverty of his fellow Muslims was hardly eased or reduced during his term as funds were squandered.
And he’s back and now causing death and destruction again.
More than any innocent civilian or combatant, Misuari best deserves to be sent back to his maker sooner than later.


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