David versus Goliath battle in P10 billion Janet Napoles ‘pork barrel’ scam

David versus Goliath battle in P10 billion Janet Napoles ‘pork barrel’ scam

(Photo courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer)
The 10 whistle blowers in the P10 billion pork barrel scam perpetrated by Janet Lim Napoles in connivance with senior senators, including Enrile, Revilla and Sotto, dozens of congressmen and scores of government officials should be commended for their guts, courage and service to the Filipino people.
Many of the accused have millions of pesos that they will surely employ to get the best legal minds in the Philippines to defend them and assail the integrity of their accusers.
The looming legal battle can be likened to a diminutive David in biblical times who courageously squared off against a towering Goliath.
Whether sword or spear, David wasn’t given any chance of surviving Goliath’s onslaught. But as what the Bible tells us, David unexpectedly slew Goliath using a sling shot.
Back to 2013.
Do the whistle blowers stand any chance of proving the wrongdoings of senior senators and congressmen? Do they have the mental, psychological and financial stamina and prowess to slay the proverbial dragon considering the immense legal firepower that the accused can collectively array against them?
This is certainly extremely good story material for a blockbuster movie that I and thousands of Pinoys will watch out for.
I love our country too much that’s why I’m strongly rooting for the whistleblowers.
Like David, they have a very powerful tool in their arsenal – documents, including bank records, that will hopefully show, among other things, that checks worth millions of pesos were issued by Napoles to the accused. Or even bank slips showing large deposits to the bank accounts of the accused.
It will be extremely difficult to assail the authenticity and integrity of bank documents.
These bank and other documents signed by the accused can serve as the “smoking gun”, so to speak, that can show the culpability or lack of it of all the accused.
Of course, the whistleblowers can count on the material support of the justice department, NBI and other government agencies – thanks to what’s left of the PNoy’s administration’s “daang matuwid” advocacy and campaign.
Ang sabi sabi nga naman kung merong super init na teleserye sa Pinas — Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!
Please see link below ……
Plunder complaint set vs Napoles, 3 senators


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