Nur Misuari harms fellow Muslims ….. and he ought to be stopped

Nur Misuari harms fellow Muslims

A Muslim mother,stranded at Manila’s airport as violence disabled all planes from landing in Zamboanga, made this heart-rending plea to Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) leader Nur Misuari over a DZRH radio program this morning:
“Mr Misuari, have pity on us Zamboangans who remain stranded here at Manila airport. Please stop all the violence there [in Zamboanga]. What have we done to you? We are peace-loving people and we have not done anything wrong to you. Why are you inflicting this violence to Zamboangans? Please stop all the violence. My relatives here at the airport fear for the safety of our children there. I can’t embrace them and I fear for their safety. So, please stop all the violence!”
What kind of leader will use violence and grab hundreds of people for use as human shield against gunfire from government soldiers just to pursue his wild dream of being declared leader of an independent Muslim republic?
Misuari is such person. A heartless, wicked leader who brought hundreds of his armed followers to Zamboanga.
The ongoing standoff between Misuari’s forces and government soldiers harms not only the Zamboangans, but the whole Philippines as well as the US, UK and other countries have warned their nationals not to travel to Mindanao. In short, foreign and even local tourists will get scared travelling to Mindanao – and it’s all because of one man’s unsatiable greed for power and fame.
He wants independence for a Muslim Mindanao. Yet, he stole hundreds of millions of pesos in taxpayers’ money and failed to ease poverty among his constituents when he was once appointed governor of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. This is precisely the reason why he failed to win any elections for public office in Mindanao.
The viciousness of Misuari’s armed followers doesn’t seem to have no end – they’re even firing at both commercial and government aircraft flying to and from the Zamboanga airport. Thus, relief goods for Zamboangans who fled the fighting couldn’t be flown in.
Zamboangan Muslims who wish to fly out of the city for their pilgrimage or Haj are also deprived of the right to fly out of Zamboanga.
With the cruel and evil things that Misuari continues to perpetrate in Mindanao, it is best to banish him completely in the face of the earth.
He’s a recidivist anyway. He has been jailed once for failed rebellion which cost lives and wrought destruction.
The Mindanaoans have long been seeking peace, stability and prosperity. They certainly don’t deserve an evil man like Misuari.


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