Are the P10 billion pork barrel scam Senate hearings useful?

Are the P10 billion pork barrel scam Senate hearings useful?

Yes! Definitely.
The downside is the hearings won’t result in prosecutions because they are merely in aid of legislation.
However, the single biggest upside is the disclosure of a lot of detailed information about the scam via detailed testimonies of witnesses.
A case in point is principal whistleblower Benhur Luy disclosures at the ongoing Senate pork barrel hearing today, Sept. 12. Some of these are the following:
1] That corrupt senators and congressmen received 40 per cent share of the PDAF funds earmarked by accused lawmakers to fake NGOs of Napoles. If Senator A, for example, asks a government agency to give P10 million to a Napoles NGO, that senator is given P4 million in kickback by Napoles.
2] Officials of implementing agencies get 10 per cent of the PDAF funds.
3] Napoles gets 40 per cent of lawmakers’ PDAF
4] Luy kept a list of bank account numbers of recipient senators and congressmen or their respective chief of staff who received cash advances from Napoles.
Luy’s disclosure he kept a list of bank accounts to which partial payments of kickbacks are paid by Napoles is very, very EXPLOSIVE AND INCRIMINATING!
Justice secretary Leila de Lima said the National Bureau of Investigation is now verifying the accounts and the transactions described by Luy.
If it can be shown that accused senators received a series of inexplicable fund transfers to their bank accounts, how will they properly explain these deposits?
The fact that the hearings are telecast in different radio stations and in select TV stations goes a very, very long way in informing the Filipino public what transpired in the Napoles scam and the lawmakers and government officials who got involved and benefited from the thievery.
The Senate hearings provide much-needed transparency that was sorely lacking that’s why this massive thievery of public coffers was committed over the years.


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