Married congresswoman caught with congressman, loses husband

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A female lawmaker, who once worked for suspected P10 billion “pork barrel” mastermind Janet Lim Napoles, was recently caught by her husband in a compromising act inside her car with a congressman, reports Deo Macalma, citing an unidentified information source.
The lawmaker is a member of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the Philippine legislature or Congress, and she was caught with a good-looking congressman from central Luzon, Macalma said.
Macalma is one of the principal news anchors at DZRH radio station and is reputed for having deep and reliable sources in different branches of the government.
“The congresswoman’s initially hired a private investigator to tail his wife. The last straw came when the husband himself tailed his wife and caught her necking and petting inside her own car,” said Macalma.
“Instead of creating a scene, the husband decided to split up with his wife,” he said.
When the congresswoman was still working with Napoles, she successfully enticed scores of male lawmakers to participate in the pork barrel scam by offering them as “gifts” very young and pretty escort girls, Macalma said, citing his source.
“She also used to date several congressmen while still at work with Napoles,” he said.
The congresswoman is said to be prettier than before after several visits with celebrity cosmetic surgery specialist Vicky Belo, he said.
With dozens of lawmakers involved in the Napoles pork barrel scam and three senators and former lawmakers already facing plunder, graft and other charges, the congresswoman’s indiscretion is hardly surprising.


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