‘Darling….money please! ….. Ay mali!’

lovers in bed<img

A 28-year-old male Filipino domestic helper thought that having a fling with the 43-year-old wife of his rich Hong Kong Chinese employer will bring him lots of cash on a silver platter.
Chinese-language Apple Daily newspaper reported that the extramarital affair started when the helper’s employer, a rich Hong Kong businessman, was out of town on a business trip, apparently giving a chance to his wife to get together with the male helper, nicknamed Neil.
The businessman eventually got wind of his wife’s extramarital affair and sacked his male helper.
In apparent retaliation for his sacking, Neil purportedly called his former employer and threatened to expose photos of himself and the businessman’s wife during their intimate moments.
Neil allegedly asked for HK$120,000 in exchange for the photos. The businessman agreed to meet Neil in a restaurant in Western District for the intended exchange.
Before going to the meeting, the businessman reported to the police Neil’s extortion attempt.
Neil was promptly arrested by the police at the scene of the intended exchange.
The moral lesson from this incident is best summed up by a favorite punchline in comedian Joey de Leon’s popular show on Channel 5 – Ay Mali!


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