Aquino Government’s Crisis Management Failures

Aquino Govt’s Crisis Management Failures

President Benigno Aquino government’s clear failure to deal effectively with several major crises is both lamentable and deplorable.


Because it’s the Filipino people, not his senior officials, who bears the brunt of his administration’s ineptitude.

Two major bumblings of his government stand out.

The first is its continuing failure to find and collect all dead bodies in Tacloban city more than two weeks after super typhoon Yolanda (or Haiyan) struck the Visayas. On Nov. 25 alone, 57 cadavers were recovered in Tacloban.

The dead are deeply revered in the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country. However, the government seems oblivious of the health hazards that decaying bodies pose to Yolanda survivors.

Had the government mobilized and sent up to 10,000 soldiers and policemen, for instance, to Tacloban and other Yolanda-ravaged areas, relief for survivors and collection of cadavers could have been accelerated.

Large-scale devastation clearly requires lots of manpower. Unfortunately, Aquino officials apparently lack plain and simple common sense.

A second crisis management failure is the government’s inability until now to settle its three-year political dispute with Hong Kong over the death in August 2010 of eight Hong Kong citizens after a bungled Manila police rescue of Hong Kong tourists held hostage by a lone gunman.

Why hasn’t the government reached a final resolution of this dispute until now?

Did it underestimate and even gloss over this problem?

Has the government shown ample decisiveness and erudition in handling this issue?

Apparently not.

Photo by Tacloban city after being struck by super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)


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