Remember how Makati mayor Junjun Binay and sister, Senator Nancy Binay, recently forced their way around midnight through Dasmarinas Village in Makati and subjugated hapless subdivision guards into submission with help from their armed bodyguards and the Makati police?

The controversial incident went viral — — and understandably stirred up the anger of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of irate Pinoys who saw the Binay siblings abuse their political power at the expense of the poor subdivision guards.

In today’s column at of Winnie Monsod entitled ‘Smell of fear’ in Makati, the Binays found an avid supporter in Gerald Abueva.

If you care to read Gerald Abueva’s comments on the Binays, I’m pretty sure you’ll find his views pathetic and lamentable – as I did.

He tried to confine last November’s controversial incident involving the Binay siblings to that of “class & race war between the ruling elites and an up-and-comer who has worked his way up the social ladder”.

My take on Abueva’s views: Ang cute naman! Ang babaw naman!

Glossing over a clear case of abuse of authority by Junjun and Nancy Binay doesn’t buttress at all Abueva’s assertion that the issue is no more than just a class and race war. Had Abueva made a critical observation of the mass outpouring of criticisms of the Binays after that incident, he would have easily recognized that those who lambasted the Binays comprised a cross section of society – not simply the moneyed residents of that exclusive village.

Abueva says the Binays rose to power “through the support of the bakya and indio crowd” but he pathethically failed to recognize that the Binay siblings, with help of their armed bodyguards and the Makati police, subjugated into submission the subdivision’s security guards – presumably from the bakya crowd – who simply did what they were instructed to do.

And Abueva’s comparison of Jojo Binay with Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King?? What an insult to the intelligence of Philippine Daily Inquirer readers and Pinoys in general, including those overseas!

All three great men fought for the masses and didn’t oppress them unlike the Binay siblings.

And what of the Commission on Audit findings of alleged malpractices perpetrated by the Binays in Makati and pending cases in court against them? And even their unexplained wealth? Mere pigments of the imagination? Or indications of misgovernance?

And if there’s misuse of taxpayers’ money, does this serve and advance the interests of the bakya and indio crowd?

Abueva portrays Jojo Binay as “the best hope for the brown man’s revival”. How naïve and pathetic!

Just look at the company that he kept at UNA during the last presidential elections in 2010, specifically Juan Ponce Enrile, one of the architects of Marcos-era martial law, and Joseph Estrada, a convicted plunderer, as well as Ernie Maceda.

What fate and future awaits Pinoys in general if they will have for their next president in 2016 someone like Binay who associates closely with shady characters, such as Enrile and Erap, as he deviously covets the presidency without regard for decency and good governance?

I shudder at the thought of a Binay presidency in 2016. Good thing there are certain upcoming potentially viable alternatives.

Good thing we’re seeing and enjoying the immense benefits of having a reform minded, morally upright and seemingly incorruptible president now in Benigno Aquino Jr. who doesn’t amass wealth through illicit means while in power, unlike the Binays and Gloria Arroyo.

Hopefully, Pinoys in general, including those overseas, are more enlightened to see through good and bad politicians, and will do the right thing by voting into the next presidency someone with much better character and credentials in public service than Jojo Binay. 



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