Almost daily since he quit President Benigno Aquino’s Cabinet on June 22, Vice President Jejomar Binay has been attacking both Aquino’s handling of various crises and his administration’s shortcomings and mistakes.

Yes, Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, a close friend of Aquino, bungled the MRT big time when he headed the transportation and communications department. He even left that agency in disarray and the MRT now in a big mess.

Yes, Aquino was severely criticized by widows of the butchered SAF commandos when he didn’t console with them when the bodies were flown to Camp Villamor in Manila.

Yes, the Supreme Court stopped the Aquino administration from using the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds to finance various government projects.

But wait – does Binay have solid moral grounds to attack the Aquino administration left, right and center?

Is he attacking the Aquino administration out of genuine concern for the commuting public, the widows of the slain SAF soldiers and to uphold what is lawful as regards the DAP?

Or is he conveniently using these attacks so he can make selfish and questionable personal gains in the form of attracting media attention and hopefully getting more votes in the 2016 presidential elections?

Pinoys, especially those in Hong Kong and elsewhere outside the Philippines who don’t track closely political developments back home, are best advised to  treat with much caution any and all statements being made by Binay.

His integrity and honesty as a public official are highly questionable.

Binay, together with his son, Junjun, who is currently mayor of Makati City, are accused of massive overpricing of various building projects in the city, rigging of public biddings and receiving kickbacks. The whole family, nearly all of whom are now in public service, are also accused of unexplained wealth. The elder Binay is also likely to face money laundering charges after the Anti-Money Laundering Council findings of massive amounts of bank transactions and transfers of huge amounts to Canada involving the elder Binay and two of his trusted aides.

Binay owes the Filipino people, including 11 million overseas Pinoys, a full explanation of the string of graft and corruption allegations that had been leveled against him and his family members.

He has this obligation, especially because he is the country’s second most senior official and he is aspiring to become the next president in 2016.

But why is he ignoring a solemn and critically important obligation to the Filipino people?

Apparently, Binay expects the entire Filipino nation to ignore serious allegations of malpractices against him and his family – and to take him seriously for what he chooses to say, like his attacks on the Aquino government.

By failing to offer concrete solutions to governance issues in the Aquino administration and more miserably failing to explain his own personal failings, notably large-scale corruption, Binay’s attacks are nothing more than just sound and fury from a morally-bankrupt man who covets the presidency like a mad dog bereft of rhyme or reason.


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