Senator Grace Poe will announce tonight that she is running for president in 2016.

But there is a more important story behind this much-awaited and anticipated announcement.

Which political parties are sending their representatives tonight and which are likely to support her run for the presidency?

This is one of the most critical issues that will provide a good gauge of the approximate number or scale of votes that she can get across the country, courtesy of political parties with their congressmen, governors, mayors and other local officials who can gather votes in barangays and other far flung corners of the country.

Four political parties, including the Nationalist People’s Coalition headed by businessman Eduardo Cojuangco and the Nationalista Party headed by billionaire Manny Villar, are looking at prospects of forming a coalition to support Poe.

if this coalition materializes, this will mean a strong boost to Poe’s run for the candidacy ang a big blow to Mar Roxas — backed by President Benigno Aquino — as all four parties are now part of the administration coalition.

Leaving the Aquino-led coalition and throwing their support can certainly improve the winning chance of Poe.

Actor Dingdong Dantes is reportedly running as Senator in Poe’s ticket, and he and his celebrity wife Marianne are also expected at the affair tonight.

Lots of showbiz personalities, notably Susan Roces, will also be present to show their support to the senator.

In the countryside, the presence of Manila-based movie stars will guarantee large crowds in political gatherings. Poe’s easy ability to bring SHOWBIZ personalities during her political sorties is likely to give a strong boost to her bid to get votes among the masses.

That her late father, Fernando Poe, remains a popular actor in the countryside is also a big edge that she enjoys over declared rivals, Roxas and Vice President Jojo Binay.



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