Rodrigo Duterte promises to wipe out criminals across the Philippines in just six months and many of his supporters cheer him for this macho election pledge. But let’s take a simple and common sense close look at his particular wiping-out-criminals promise.

Since the country’s population across over 7,000 islands is now about 102 million, it is reasonable to assume there are at least 200,000 criminals across the country.  If 200,000 is divided into six months, that will result in 33,000 criminals that “need” to be killed according to Duterte’s pledge to eliminate criminals in just six months.


Won’t policemen shoot first at suspected and imagined criminals just to meet Duterte’s quota of 33,000 criminals every month just to meet his self-imposed election promise of of eliminating criminals in just six months? What if your brother, cousin or father is innocent of any crime, but he was unfortunately in the vicinity of a suspected crime activity, just like an unfortunate story related to this writer by Amy, an OFW in Hong Kong? If raiding policemen shoot first before asking any questions, will your brother, father, relative or friend stand a chance in a hail of bullets — because of a blood-thirsty president whose primary weapon against crimes is killing them?

Most OFWs are Christians, whether they are Catholics or not. Thus, spirituality will always be part and parcel of every Filipino’s life — even criminals with young children. While there are circumstances — such as armed criminals shooting it out with responding policemen — which justifies shooting down criminals, this should be done only as a last resort, and not to be done indiscriminately.

Let’s face it, some children and family members of OFWs in Hong Kong and elsewhere may be involved in petty or even major crimes. They may not be involved in crimes themselves but may be hanging out with gangs or friends who are engaged in crimes. If OFW children or family members get caught in police raids and raiding officers are trigger happy — because of a directive from the president himself — to take down and eliminate criminals promptly, how will affected OFWs feel and what redress under the law can they look forward to?

And let’s face it, wishing the elimination of a problem is easy. But when harsh realities hit hard — like mass killings  of 33,000 suspected criminals every month — who among OFWs and other Pinoys will not be horrified by this?

And if there is no immediate stopping of killings of 33,000 suspected criminals, what will OFWs who voted into office Duterte do? Duterte has repeatedly said that if he becomes president, he does not want anyone — not Congress and its members, not anyone — meshing up with changes that he wants to introduce and undertake.

If mass killings — of both criminals and innocent civilians — unfold under a Duterte presidency, OFWs and other Pinoys who voted him into office will likely also have blood in their hands — for helping him undertake his promised bloodbath in his desperate but poorly-conceived strategy of addressing criminality in the country.

There are more sensible and practical alternatives to Duterte’s pledge of mass killings of criminals. They are not as exciting and attention-grabbing as Duterte’s proposed “solution.” But they can also work well, if not better.

Grace Poe and Mar Roxas also have proposed solutions to addressing criminality across the country. Roxas cites the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) “Lambat Sibat” campaign which is producing concrete results in reducing criminality in Metro Manila. Poe is offering a bolder and more innovative approach by getting members of barangays in crime detection, prevention and fight against criminals. Barangay members — not senior police officers and other officials — live in areas where criminals live, thrive and plan their criminal activities. So it’s best to get many members of the community involved in fighting crime, not simply and foolishly dumping this task to the police.

It’s always good and even ideal to live in a largely crime-free society. But it also takes common sense and proper police and judicial work to reduce crimes to the barest minimum.

In spite of this article’s sober and rational discussion of fighting criminality in the Philippines, scores of OFWs still say — We need an iron hand (kamay na bakal) to deal with criminals. Why don’t we try something new, like Duterte, for a change?

Positive change? Or negative change?

If Filipinos vote Duterte into office, let us then see what it feels and how different segments of society, including the Catholic church, will react if 33,000 suspected and imagined criminals are killed every month for six months.



  1. There are flaws in your proposed way of wiping criminality in our country.

    1. Duterte said he is a big no to Extrajudicial Killing. Citizens will not be suspected as criminal just by a mere suspicion. Accusing of wrong people is a result of error during investigation and this is not new in our society where innocent are given a life sentence.

    2. Only Idiots and amateur thinks that Duterte has to kill ~33000 people just to clean our country. You just need to cut the heads(head of their organization) in order to collapse their organization. Every high ranking officials already knows the underworld. They are just afraid of them because they too powerful.

    3. If you are willing to wait(until you dies), Mar and Poe’s solution might be for you. Mar’s sol’n is very slow and if used in the whole country, then I guess that I will believe in forever. Poe’s soln is very ideal. And if it is ideal, it is not realistic. Do you really think that a simple citizen is willing to risk his life? If they are willing, then why isn’t that happening?

    That’s All.
    BTW. If you dont like Duterte, choose Miriam instead, shes a perfect candidate. Only idiots would vote for mar, poe, and binay

    • Thanks for your comment. But frankly, I find your views hilarious!! Ha! Ha! It is common knowledge that DUTERTE and his death squad are engaged in extrajudicial killings. If you’re not a Filipino, your ignorance is understandable.
      Simple arithmetic, my friend!! I’m sure you know this, right?
      And simple common sense and logic!!
      With 102 million Filipinos today, it is very easy to assume there are at least 200,000 criminals across the country. And this is just a conservative estimate!!
      Since DIGONG is promising to wipe out criminals in 6 months, how many months will it take to wipe out 200,000 criminals?
      Please get your calculator and figure out.
      If DUTERTE doesn’t order the killings of about 33,000 criminals every month, so what happens to his election promise? Hangin o yabang lang? …. Ha ha
      And if you say only idiots will vote for Roxas or POE, then you must be really a moron and narrow minded. Had you only cared to read and understand very well my analysis, then you should have realized that DUTERTE is not the savior of the Philippines as he is trying to present himself.

      • Lets say your right that duterte is engaged w/extrajudicial killing…
        So what?
        I think thats what our country needs today.
        Matakot ka lang if may krimen ka talaga or if di mo kaya magpakumbaba…

        Dont you think that there are already more than 33k per month existing/booked crime that need to be solved? Di na po nila kailangan maghanap ng kaso… There are already many cases unsolved that need to be solved.

        Afraid of getting killed? Eh di kapag hinuli ka magpahuli ka. Then saka ka magpaliwanag sa presinto.
        Hindi ung gaya ngayon na hinuhuli na nagyayabang pa.

        I can say that you are more stupid than other filipinos with your logic on deciding who to vote…

        What philippines need now is discipline. And to start that we need strict ruler/implementation of law…

        Try to look at others people’s life and try to understand why they prefer to have a duterte…

        Try to look 6years after these presidentiables finish their terms…
        Who do you think can make phillipines even justva lillte better?..

      • Alex, How can you call me stupid when you are more stupid as your idol Duterte, who are both devoid of logic and reason. You can’t even understand sober discussion of issues and you launch your tirades without presenting equally sober and even more superior views of your own. Nakakatawa ka! Bumalik ka na lang kaya sa grade 1!
        And if you claim i’m afraid of killings. Ungas ka rin. Have you ever experienced staring violence and death with your very eyes — just like what I have during my student days?
        You know how to use a computer and you can still express yourself in English … kahit mali mali pa ang grammar mo. Can you please Google search to see if there’s any country in the whole wide world which successfully eliminated all criminals just like what duterte is promising? balikan mo ako kung may makita at simulan mo sa US which is the world’s greatest superpower. Next time e tagalugin mo na lang para di ka mabobo sa english mo

      • Who knows? Maybe he just need to kill at least 100 criminals in his first month. For sure, many criminals will have a second thought about committing another crime. When no one is there to castigate/punish you, you just do what you want. When there is, you always think twice. That’s how our mind works. You worry too much.

      • Hi Clea, Frankly I don’t give a damn about armed criminals preying on hapless unarmed civilans dropping dead on the streets. What I worry is for people like you, your siblings, relatives and friends who might be caught in the crossfire between criminals and policemen given a license to kill as many gangsters as they can. Having trigger-happy policemen and soldiers being assured they won’t be charged in court for unlawful killings is a perfect recipe for law enforcers to shoot first before asking questions later. Pray tell me, how would you feel if you are caught in one of these crossfires? If criminals know they will be killed, they will certainly shoot their way out of the way of law enforcers. At bahala na si Batman kung sino tamaan ng mga bala!

      • Our country is highly populated. Innocent civilians getting hurt in a raid is inevitable. Like for example in Maguindanao, 8 civilians were injured. The event took place under the present administration. If you’re implying that that’s only goin to happen if Duterte becomes our president then you’re wrong. And I don’t think our soldiers and policemen are that stupid as to fire their gun in a place where there are lots of civilians.In Davao, criminals were warned, rehabilitated, and were given incentives. Those who were killed are the ones who didn’t change their way of life. To answer your question if I were caught in the crossfire? Can’t do anything about it, might as well accept it.

  2. This is ridiculous!!! You have 3rd eye now that you can even give a precise number? Unless those 33,000 are rapist kidnappers criminal who commits heinous crimes, then good!

    • Thanks for your comment. But frankly, I find your views hilarious!! Ha! Ha!
      Simple arithmetic, my friend!! I’m sure you know this, right?
      And simple common sense and logic!!
      With 102 million Filipinos today, it is very easy to assume there are at least 200,000 criminals across the country. In your BARANGAY alone, how many criminals do you think are there? And my figures are just a conservative estimate!!
      Since DIGONG is promising to wipe out criminals in 6 months, how many months will it take to wipe out 200,000 criminals?
      Please get your calculator and figure out.
      If DUTERTE doesn’t order the killings of about 33,000 criminals every month, so what happens to his election promise? Hangin o yabang lang? …. Ha ha
      Had you only cared to read and understand very well my analysis, then you should have realized that DUTERTE is not the savior of the Philippines as he is trying to present himself.
      And if you say killings of big numbers if criminals, how would you feel and think if your brother or father or male cousin or good friend is killed in a police raid by policemen who are under pressure to kill as many criminals as possible — even if some are just innocent civilians or bystanders?

      • Duterte’s statement is simple and do some logic as what you’re saying. Wife-out criminals mean it’s either putting them into prison or into cemetery, or self-changing their life for good, not necessarily mean killing them indiscriminately. It is a deterrent to stop the ballooning crimes everyday because of impunity and toothless implementation of law.

      • Please James, you must be a college graduate, unlike me who’s a college drop out. Please show that you are more intelligent than me — not uto uto or gullible, like many Duterte fans. Killing as many criminals as possible will never, never solve criminality. New criminals will come up after old criminals are killed. you know why? Simple. If the root causes of crime — poverty, hunger and ineffective police work — are not addressed, then criminals will always be there.
        And where in this whole wide world has killing criminals eliminated criminality, just like what Duterte is promising? Wala!!
        Paniwala mo ba e mas mahusay pa ang idolo mong si Duterte sa leaders ng world superpowers gaya ng US at Germany?
        Wake up man, wag kang gumaya sa maraming uto uto at mangmang na bilib agad sa mga boladas ni Duterte. Isipin mo ng mas malalim at mas malawak ang mga issues — before you even get back to me.

      • Do you believe that poverty is the root cause of criminality. People kill or commit crimes because they are poor? When people are hungry they engage themselves in all kinds of criminal activities? I definitely disagree with that notion. There are also rich people who committed criminal offenses. Many factors contribute to crimes, including greed or want for more money, feelings of anger, envy or vengeance, the decay of family values, and the desire for control. In some cases, people commit crimes for self-serving reasons. At other times, crimes are committed to do harm to others or just for fun. James is right when he said that to wipe out criminals does not necessarily mean to kill them. The term wipe out should not be interpreted literally. If the criminals do not stop doing illegal activities, they will be incarcerated for life or be killed if they resist arrest or fight back. In order to bring peace in this country, we need a leader who can make law enforcers do their job to keep lawless elements in check. Offenders no matter what their reasons must be held answerable for their actions and be punished up to the extent allowed under the law.

      • Thanks PETER for your comment. Poverty is never the sole cause of criminality. There are many other causes like people’s get rich quick mentality and laziness, prompting them to commit crimes. But societies with very little poverty, like Hong Kong where I live and work, have very very little crimes against persons, like holduppings and snatchings. If people have money to buy food, they won’t be desperate and resort to crimes. Law enforcement here is also very good — one of the best solutions that the Phiks SHOUKD adopt. But not the mass killings of criminals that DUTERTE is pushing. Do you really think DUTERTE will use the legal system to prosecute criminals. Please read critically what he has said about fighting crimes and what Leila de Lima and the HCR are saying about him. As well as stories about his death squads. He has no patience for legal niceties. Please tel me, which country in the world vowed to eradicate criminals I. Just 6 months? Not even the US, Germany or FrAnce — some of the wirld’s superpowers. DUTERTE is more bull than a credible person. He tries to impress people with his bombastic promises to fight crimes and corruption — but crimes remain high in his city and he was forced to admit having accounts at BPI Julia Vargas, indicating big-time corruption!

  3. Gago! Wala nmang dapat ikatakot kung clean living ka.ano nmn kung 33,000 ang mamatay at least mas panatag ang loob ng mga matitinong filipino na maglakad kahit mag isa lng sa gabi dahil matatakot ang mga kriminal na lumabas kasi ayaw nilang mapatay sila.wag mo ding maliitin ang mga pulis na kamo eh basta basta n lng cla mamamaril dahil kelangan nilang makakota.nag aral ang mga yan at dumaan din sa matinding training so alam din nila kung paano ipatupad ang batas.

    • Tanga! Ungas! Nag abroad ka na nga e tanga at bobo ka pa rin! Kahit saan e maramin pa ring halang ang kaluluwa na mga pulis — kahit sa lugar nyo sa Pinas. KUng bumalik si Ping Lacson sa PNP ay malamang tumino ang mga pulis.
      Hindi ka takot kung pagpapatayin ni Duterte ang mga kriminal?
      Tanga ka rin no! Kung utol mo o tatay mo o pinsan mo e madamay mapatay ng mga death squads ni Duterte e bale wala sa yo? Saan ka ngagawa na parang baka kung kapamilya mo e madamayng utak pulbura at gagong si duterte? ano ang sey mo?

    • Hi Thea, Thanks sa comment at warning mo. Kung ikaw ang nasa lagay ko at sabihan ka ng gago ay tiyak magpapanting din ang tenga mo! Lalo pa kung makitid ang utak ng nag comment. At kung banta sa akin ay mapatay ako sa sinusulat ko na hindi ako nang iinsulto gaya ni Duterte na tawag kay Roxas ay bayot at liit titi ay ok lang sa akin. Kung gaya ni Duterte na dahas ang gamit ay call ako. But I see Duterte as a likely dictator, like Marcos, and thousands of Pinoys lost their lives and fought to restore democracy which we are all now enjoying. Just imagine if you or your loved ones back home are cowering in fear of a dictator and his killers — palagay ko ay di ka matutuwa. I was once a student activist and I knew and experienced what it meant to lose many freedoms then and the fear of violence being inflicted on you and your loved ones. Going back to a government that uses violence in a massive way just like what Duterte is promising is just like many Pinoys losing their sanity completely and committing political suicide.

  4. I guess what Dutertes goal is to make our country clean and justice is to be served. That’s great! We need to have someone like him to lead. Strong will and postive. I am one if his strong follower but advertising to clean our country by killing those criminals, is not a good propaganda.

    • Thanks Margie for your reaction. First off, I’m sure you’re a Christian though not pasaway like me who’s liberal minded and who attacks occasionally the Catholic church in my writings and in my radio show here in Hong Kong for its ultra conservative views.
      But I never cease being a Christian and subscribing to its basic tenets.
      You don’t right a wrong with another wrong. The end doesn’t justify the means.
      Mass killings of criminals is bound to affect even innocent civilians. No country in this whole wide world, not even the US, Germany or France with their modern weapons and other armaments, have successfully eradicated criminality by simply killing as many criminals as possible.
      I can’t help but think that those who believe Duterte’s promise of eradicating crimes in just six months belong to any one or several of these categories — mababaw mag-isip, tamad mag-isip, uto uto, gullible, simpleton o nasa cloud 9 at wala sa mundo.
      I’d like to think you more intelligent that any one of the categories that I mentioned.
      Strong will? Yes. But you don’t always get this from someone who acts like Rambo wants to kill all the time.
      Strength of character isn’t measured through violence. Many women, like you, have strength of character. Intellectual strength, not necessarily accompanied by violence. Intellectual superiority, not accompanied by violence. Emotional and psychological strength, possessed by many women and men.
      Duterte doesn’t have all these qualities — he’s emotionally, psychologically and intellectually unstable and even deficient and it shows clearly in conflicting and absurd statements that he’s making. Please observe closely and critically.
      Frankly, I believe you are more intellectually superior than him coz you discern some good qualities in him — seemingly strong leadership (na panlabas lang sa paniwala ko) but you also identify his glaring weaknesses. In this sense, you are more intelligent than him.
      Dueterte doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong!!! And he wants to run for president??? Grabe ang kapal ng mukha niya at yabang.

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