Just like Vice President Jejomar Binay, presidential frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte now faces a very serious allegation of hiding unexplained wealth in the form of P211 million in a bank account in San Juan city in Metro Manila. His failure to disclose the huge amount, coupled with an apartment on P. Guevarra Street also in that city, in his 2014 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) raises a series of serious corruption-related questions that the Davao city mayor has to answer — whether he likes it or not.

The 1987 constitution and two separate laws, Republic Act No. 3019 and RA No. 6713 — major legal weapons of the Philippine government against corruption — require all public officers and employees to declare under oath the true amount of all their assets after taking away all liabilities or amounts that need to be paid. RA 3019 is the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, while RA 6713 is the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

Violations of the constitution’s Article 17, Article XI and RA 3019 and RA 6713 resulted in the sacking in 2012 of former Chief Justice Renato Corona for his failure to disclose the true amount of his assets in his 2010 SALN. He declared he only had total assets in 2010 worth P3.5 million, but documents, including records of his bank accounts, showed he lied under oath as he had a combined P180 million in his bank accounts.

In Duterte’s case, he declared that his net worth (or assets less all liabilities) in 2014 only amounted to P21.97 million. This was clearly shown in his 2014 SALN that he signed under oath. But a copy of Duterte’s bank records — revealed by Senator Antonio Trillanes — showed that eight deposits totalling P197 million were made on March 28, 2014 into the Davao city mayor’s Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) joint account with his daughter Sara.

That the mayor, together with his daughter, had P197 million in only one bank account as of March 28, 2014 clearly indicate that he was worth much more than P21.97 million that same year.

Please see this Philippine Daily Inquirer story for details of the disclosure made by Trillanes


Eight deposits were made into Duterte’s account at the BPI branch at its Julia Vargas branch which amounted to a total of P197 million — all on a single day, March 28, 2014, which happened to be his 69th birthday.

The fact that a total of P197 million was deposited into Duterte’s account in a single day raises a series of very serious questions that have a direct impact on his bid to become the next president of the Philippines. He has no choice but to answer these questions to the Filipino people.

Who made the deposits? Where did the huge amount come from? If he is only getting P78,946 (Salary Grade 30) in monthly salary as mayor of Davao city plus extra income as member of several government bodies, how was he able to amass P197 million deposited into his account all in one day?

If Duterte earned the huge amount through legitimate or legal means, why didn’t he declare it in his 2014 SALN? Why did he also fail to declare in his 2014 SALN that he also owns an apartment in Metro Manila — as shown in the bank record disclosed by Trillanes? He has admitted in an interview with the Inquirer that he owns an apartment in San Juan city. If this is so, why did he keep on claiming that the only house that he owns is the old one in Davao city?


Duterte has denied owning a BPI account and described the bank document given by Trillanes to the Inquirer as a mere fabrication.

“The account is not true and is just a fabrication of Trillanes who is a money for hire,” Duterte told the Inquirer. “I will not play into their hands by issuing a waiver. The account is non-existent.”

But the key question to this mysterious BPI account is this: If he has nothing to hide and if this BPI account is fake, why can’t Duterte issue a waiver or a legal document authorizing BPI to disclose to the public all information about this account?

While denying the existence of the BPI account, he confirmed owning an apartment on P. Guevarra Street in San Juan city. His confirmation is tantamount to perjury or failing to be truthful and honest in a legal document — his 2014 SALN — that he signed and sworn to be true as part of his legal obligations under the constitution and two separate laws on corruption.

Duterte’s blanket denial of owning a secret bank account with a huge amount — way above what he earns legally as Davao city mayor — puts him virtually in the same level as Binay who also denies owning a long list of properties and other unexplained wealth uncovered by the inter-agency Anti Money Laundering Council and other relevant agencies, including the Comission on Audit and the Ombudsman.

Another relevant question to ask about the mysterious BPI account is this: If a single account already holds a total of P211 million plus, as per the disclosure of Trillanes backed up documents, does Duterte maintain other bank accounts with huge deposits and is he in control of hidden properties and other wealth, just like Binay?


The Inquirer has reported that the multi-million peso deposits into Duterte’s joint account with her daughter Sara comprised transfers of monies from other banks. Transfers of large amounts of monies from sources which may be deemed questionable or even illegal may be seen and regarded as money laundering, a criminal offense in the Philippines and in most countries around the world, including Hong Kong for which some Filipino domestic helpers had been jailed for just a few hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars.

If sufficient grounds for money laundering are established, it will not be a major surprise if Trillanes calls on the Anti Money Laundering Council and other relevant government agencies to look into the questionable transfers of millions of pesos into Duterte’s account.

Transfer of monies through the banks, specially large amounts, are always documented. The so-called paper trail accompanying these transactions can easily be gathered and later, revealed if warranted. As what the Anti Money Laundering Council has shown in the 2012 impeachment of Corona and more recently, in the RCBC laundering of millions of US dollars stolen from a bank account of Bangladesh in a New York bank account, this agency can easily gather records of targeted bank deposits from concerned banks.

Duterte has denied owning a joint account with his daughter in BPI, insisting it was fake or mere fabrication. But bank records cannot just be faked. If he is really maintaining an account with BPI, records of this account will come out one day.


Corona was impeached in 2012 by the Congress on grounds of violating the constitution and various anti-corruption laws relating to his misdeclarations in his 2010 SALN. He headed the Judiciary, a co-equal branch of the Executive branch, headed by the president.

But even if Corona headed the Judiciary, he was still ousted from his post by the Legislative branch, which is a co-equal of the Judiciary and the Executive branch.

If Duterte is eventually found to have committed the same offense as Corona did in 2012, he can be similarly subjected to impeachment proceedings in Congress — even if he wins the May 9 election — for violations of the constitution and the two anti-corruption laws cited in Corona’s case.

If it can be established eventually that he really owns the BPI account with his daughter, as well as the apartment in San Juan city, both of which he did not declare in his 2014 SALN, this will clearly and strongly question his honesty and integrity as a public official.

If it is eventually ascertained that he withheld from public knowledge owning huge bank deposits and a property in Metro Manila, this will also make a mockery of his pledge to fight corruption. Citing findings of its audit, the Commission on Audit has already questioned his administration over more than P700 million that was misspent in his city.

The credibility of an official speaking about eradicating corruption in government will certainly be questioned if that same official is implicated in various irregularities.

Binay insists that no court in the land has proven his guilt in a wide array of corruption allegations made against him, including those that have already been endorsed by the Ombudsman to the Sandiganbayan after finding sufficient bases or grounds for filing those corruption and other cases against the vice president. Binay keeps on issuing blanket denials against the corruption allegations leveled against him, but he has repeatedly refused to refute in detail those accusations.

Duterte is now using Binay’s approach — using blanket denials plus refusing to open to public scrutiny records of that mysterious BPI account.

People aiming for the highest post in any and all countries are always subjected to the highest ethical and moral standards. Candidates for the presidency should bare as much information as possible in keeping with all legal requirements in the interest of transparency and public service.

If Duterte is really upholding the constitution and all laws of the land and if he is really fir for the presidency, he should bare all information about this mysterious BPI account and his San Juan city apartment.

If he fails to do this, the legitimacy of his presidency — if he wins the election — will be challenged from the very start which may lead eventually to impeachment proceedings being filed against him.



  1. Q: “But the key question to this mysterious BPI account is this: If he has nothing to hide and if this BPI account is fake, why can’t Duterte issue a waiver or a legal document authorizing BPI to disclose to the public all information about this account?”

    A: Bakit ka naman mag-iisue ng waiver para sa account na alam mong fake at hindi sa iyo?

    • Hi Kenji, Let’s use simple common sense dito. Kung sarado mata at isip mo sa pagkabilib KAY DUTERTE ay useless PALITAN natin ng views. If he has nothing to hide, DUTERTE can simply issue a waiver to the BPI branch manager to disclose whatever accounts he has in that branch. PERO kung may tinatago, natural kung ano ano sa sabihin just like Binay. Come on, Kenji, I believe you are more intelligent than what is reflected in your brief comment. College dropout lang ako and yet I can look at issues critically and deeply.


        From Philippine Star


        MANILA, Philippines – Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano on Wednesday defended his running mate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte against claims of fellow vice presidential candidate Sen. Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV that the mayor has an undeclared bank account.

        Cayetano alleged that presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe has a hand in Trillanes’s claims as he is a protector of Poe or a “Poe-tector.” He said Trillanes, a known supporter of the lady presidential bet, personally told him that he will follow Poe’s orders during the start of the campaign.

        “Unang-una Senator Trillanes is not the Senator Trillanes you know in the Senate right now. He is now a Poe-tector. Ang trabaho ni Senator Trillanes isa lang: tumira sa mga kalaban ni Senator Poe,” Cayetano told the reporters in an ambush interview after Duterte’s Makati Business Club speech at the Manila Peninsula.

        “Nung nag-umpisa ang kampanya sinabi ni Senator Trillanes, kung ano sabihin sa kanya ni Grace, gagawin niya. Sinabi ‘wag niya upakan si Sen. Chiz [Escudero], gagawin niya ito. So ngayon na ginagawa ni Senator Trillanes ito (claims against Duterte), walang duda na may go signal ng core group at ni Senator Grace,” he alleged.

        Cayetano slammed Poe for contradicting her call to stop mudslinging, claiming that she herself resorted to it. He also questioned why Poe did not use the debate to show her strengths and instead used black propaganda against her rivals.

        “Nakakahiya yung ginagawa ni Senator Poe. Sasabihin niya sa lahat ng tao, sa lahat ng speech niya wag magbatuhan ng putik at sa programa tayo (mag-focus) then gagamitin niya si Senator Trillanes para gawin ito. That’s beyond doubt,” Cayetano said.

        Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

        Meanwhile, to defend Duterte, Cayetano showed a chart of their authorized waiver to all local and foreign currencies both here and abroad signed by him and Duterte. The senator said it was submitted to their rivals last March 11 and can be verified with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and any bank.

        “Kung may bank account kami na ‘di nakadeclare sa SALN sa aming government officials, bakit kami pipirma nito? Bakit sila ang ‘di pumirma? Even si Vice President (Jejomar) Binay ang gusto niya sa AMLC (Anti-Money Laundering Council) lang waiver, hindi yung sa bangko,” Cayetano stressed saying there should be no specific waiver.

        Desperate attempt’

        Cayetano also alleged that the Poe team is only exposing these allegations to keep up with Duterte’s surge in nationwide surveys.

        “It is a desperate attempt by the Poe team to smear the name and reputation of Mayor Duterte para makahabol sila sa eleksyon,” Cayetano said.

        “You saw what the Aquino administration did to its enemies. Do you think kung may hawak sila kontrolado naman nila lahat ng agencies pati AMLC, tingin niyo kung meron hindi nilabas nila nung una palang nag-number one si Mayor Duterte? He added.

        Asked for his reaction on reports that he is the next target of Trillanes’s expose, Cayetano said they should discuss it at the Manila Peninsula alluding to Trillanes’s involvement in the hotel siege. He said Trillanes knows the truth.

        “Style niya yan e. E di dito siya pumunta sa Peninsula. Ay sandali lang, hindi nga pala siya papasukin dito so sa ibang lugar na lang kami magkita. Anytime, it’s not about kung sinong magaling, it’s about telling the truth,” Cayetano said.

        “My friend, you are lying. You know you are doing this for Senator Poe,” he added.

        Cayetano and Trillanes are both members of the Nacionalista Party.


      • Poor Cayetano!! Eating his principles coz of his naked opportunism, assuming he would win by sticking like a leech to Duterte!! A consistently 4th in surveys!! KAWAWANG cowboy!! He he
        Cayetano is shooting the wrong target — the bearer of bad news on his idol!! Pathetic Cayetano!! He he
        Instead of attacking Trillanes who has a duty — like all senators and other officials — to fight corruption, Cayetano SHOUKD help DUTERTE disprove that D doesn’t have hidden wealth.
        Officials with hidden wealth can easily be presumed to be corrupt. Otherwise, they won’t hide their wealth.

    • Hi Rick, Afraid of DUTERTE and don’t want to change?? Come on Rick, please don’t insult my intelligence. I don’t have a college diploma. PERO Hindi ako uto uto na bilib agad sa mga boladas NI Duterte. What does he know about the economy? Wala. Read today’s news about his meeting with business leaders yesterday. If he is ignoramus about the economy, how about jobs and food for your family and other loved ones? Bahala na lang SI Batman? Ganito ba kabababaw isip mo? Perhaps not. And read in Inquirer what Ping LACSON said about a DUTERTE presidency. Responsible governance is more about positive changes, not the divisive and violence-prone changes being advocated by a psychopath like DUTERTE. Please, for the sake of your children and other loved ones and their future, mas lawakan mo at laliman ang pag tingin mo KAY DUTERTE at ibang mga candidates.

      • this is not an issue of being pro or against Duterte. This is a question of him not declaring that bank account, and the amount of money in that bank account in his SALN. Clear? If I were a supporter, I would want to know the truth because I would look silly supporting someone who is corrupt after all.

      • Hi Marshi, thanks for your comment. I can’t agree with you more — DUTERTE should give the public as much information as he can about that BPI account and a clear explanation why monies there were not included in his 2014 SALN. IF HE FAILS TO DO THese, he is just like another Joho Binay and Renato corona — both largely seen as notoriously corrupt officials.

      • JUN can you please show decency in your writing? I am reading the replies here and it seemed to me that you are not a nice person. You repeatedly telling us you are a drop out. well, I rest my case on your writing attitude.(we) want to read tirades of point of views from everybody here either oral, di aral, mayaman, xahirap etc. Just be nice, alright? chillax mate!

      • Thanks Joey for your comment. You’ve asked me for decency in my writing? Sorry to disappoint you. I’m not decent to people who insult me in their comments. If you put yourself in my shoes and someone accuses you of being afraid of Duterte and uses other offensive remarks, how would you feel and react? Tao lang ako with emotions. At kung may common sense si Rick na bumanat sa akin ay sana naisip niyang kaya patuloy ang analysis ko sa negative side ng proposed leadership ni Digong coz di ako takot sa kanya. Please observe that my writings are sober, not hysterical, logical and are never meant to inflame people’s emotions. I express my own views and I engage people in friendly and rational manner even if we disagree in our views and opinions. As for my writing style, I’m reasonable and calm interacting with reasonable people. But I’m definitely mean if people are mean to me. Just like the state of Israel which I admire, I subscribe to the Old Testament of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth …. ” Pag gago ang kaharap mo ay di ka maiintindihan ng taong yon kung di gago rin ang usap mo. With Duterte’s legion of fans, I expect bashers like Rick. They can bash me, fine. But I’ll definitely hit back if they insult me. Cheers, Jun

      • Hey jun conception ikaw Ang ignorante,kc nagbubulagbulagan ka sa mga ngyayari sa ating bansa..dmo ba nakikita na Ang pilipinas ay bagsak na bagsak na sa pMumuno ng mga kultong dilaw na paepal,,Baka epal ka din ng kultong dilaw bagsak pinoy sa mga kultong dilaw paepal

      • Hey amethyst kung ano man tunay mong pangalan na di mo mailantad! coz shy type ka o may itinatago tulad ni duterte… he he he…Hindi ako ignorante at bulag! Araw araw akong nagbabasa ng Inquirer, Philippine Star, ABS CBN at iba iba pang media. Para akong estudyante na laging nag-aaral para di mangmang at ignoranteng gaya mo! he he… Anong bagsak ang Pinas na sabi mo? Ignorante ka talaga!! ha ha ha Most world leaders respect the Philippines for its performance in the economic and political arenas. The Aquino administration has done many good things at bulag at ignorante lang kaya di mo alam. Nakikita mo lang ay mga kapalpakan gaya ng karag karag na MRT/LRT, tanim bala sa airports, patuloy na problema sa droga at iba pa. Nag-iisip ka ba o panay computer games lang alam ng utak mo? No government in the whole wide world, not even in the US or UK or France! Can you dig that, kid!! Magbasa ka pa nga o back to school ka na lang o kumain ka ng balde baldeng star margarine para madagdagan talino mo.

  2. clean first the govt before anything else..Economy ay susunod na yan…Si Arroyo ay magaling daw sa ekonomiya ay napapa unlad ba niya ang bansa natin?ohh common si Duterte lang ang susi sa lahat at ang kailangan ngayon ay supilin ang mga marurumi na nasa pamahalaan natin at susunod na ang ekonomiya ay lalago dahil marami ng gusto na papasok na investors dahil wla ng corruption at iba pang nagpaparumi na systema ng ating pamahalaan..Duterte solid ang mga OFW dito sa Qatar..

    • Hi JOEY, Paano niya kaya susupilin ang mga kriminal sa buong Pinas na may 7,100 islands kung sa DAVAO city mismo ay grabe pa rin krimen matapos ang 22 taon na mayor siya doon?
      Paano niya susupilin ang corruption kung isang account lang sa BPI ay may lamang mahigit 200 million pesos na deny niya ng April 17 PERO Alril 18 ay admit NIYANG tutoo pa
      A accounts?
      At bakit kayo maniniwala agad sa mga salita ng isang tao na matagal ng pulitiko na Hindi ninyo tiyak kung binibilog lang ULO ninyo?

  3. I am a Duterte supporter and I believe in his capabilities. But I really don’t know him personally. I support him because of my emotions and subjective feelings that demand for change in this country. But if this allegation has truth behind it, then I would like to thank everyone who uncovered this. I don’t want my VOTE for change to be wasted. I pray and hope that this issue will be given more importance so that I will base my final vote on the outcome of this allegation. I really do hope that DUTERTE will sign the waiver to speed up the process of eliminating doubts from his supporters. It is either you are 100% clean or not. There is no such thing as 50% clean. I am voting for change and for an end to corruption. I will really feel disappointed if this thing will end up like another ERAP. Full of hope and promises…but in the end the TRUTH came out. Too late…I voted for him then marched against him at EDSA 2. I don’t want a repeat.
    I will diligently wait for the results and will decide whether this thing will affect my decision on May 9.
    Thank you for this post 🙂

    P.S. Let us not argue here. We Filipinos should start being logical and stop arguing based on subjective feelings. In the end, facts will either prove or not. So in the meantime, let us wait. PEACE to you all 🙂

    • Thanks Lonerider for your comment and being open minded. Your admission being carried away by emotions over Duterte’s tall promises is very refreshing! All of us are intelligent and SHOUKD be using our reason, not so much emotions in the choice of our next president. At first glance, DUTERTE looks and sounds impressive. But when you take a critical look at his conflicting statements and ongoing revelations of corruption and other malpractices that he has committed, what then do we get — a TRAPO as worse as Binay. Our justice system is slow and allegations he kept over 200 million in a BPI account won’t be resolved quickly. But think about this very well — Trillanes did an excellent work digging up documents and witnesses against Binay who now faces overwhelming evidence of corruption. It is likely the same thing will happen with DUTERTE as Trillanes vowed to disclose more anomalies committed by Duterte. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — as the saying goes. Warm regards, jun

  4. Still he is my president no matter what duterte’s allies says. Bakit ngayon lng sila pumirma ng waiver,na may issue si duterte?nung pumirma c duterte ng waiver with cayetano,bakit cila ay hindi…

    • Hi Jul, Kung may nasilip kang PALITAN ng sweet nothings kuno sa cell o FB ng mr mo and then you ask him to show everything you wish to see, but he refused to do so? What would you think? How would you feel? Do you think you can still trust him as a reliable and truthful person worthy of your continued trust and affection? Incidentally, the waiver signed in March by DUTERTE and Cayetano is worthless!! PALABAS lang!! Please look for a story carried by a Inquirer or abs CBN about this waiver that they signed. A waiver to be legal has to state the bank account number, bank branch and complete name of the person to be legally binding. Check mo Yung copy na pinirmahan at wala mga infos na ito.

  5. If the account is fabricated, and you signed a waiver, your like a fish caught in a hook. A bank account can easily be fabricated of re-linked to another name. Its just digital data, anyone who has control over the system can manipulate it. This is desperation.

    • Hi fakemail, thanks for your comment. If you work in a bank, will you help fabricate a bank account? Of course not coz u can easily lose your job! DUTERTE has no choice but to sign a waiver! Why? Simple! If he doesn’t, it’s clear he’s hiding something. Kung wala siyang tinatago ay super Dali open niya yon para MAKITA ng MADLANG PIPOL na malinis siya at Hindi corrupt. Di ba? Ano sa tingin mo?

  6. Hi Jun. I simply don’t know where to start with this comment on Duterte. So many promises. He will do this, he will do that. And frankly speaking, almost all are really not doable or simply illegal.

    1. He wanted math (algebra, trigo, etc) out of HS coz mahirap daw. WTF! Nag 6yrs nga ako sa Engineering coz mahirap maths even if i had algeb & trigo sa HS. Ilang taon pa kaya nadagdag if didn’t had those preps as HS?

    2. Federalism.. Sounds good but no less than a Constitutional Amendment is needed. We will need a ConCon to study on that. What if ayaw ng Lower & Upper House? Dissolve nya lang? That’s dictatorial!

    3. Eliminate corruption/crime/drugs in 3-6 months? Well i’m not born yesterday. Even after 20+ yrs in Davao meron pa rin namang mga ganito. He could have just promised us he will go after this & that but never a timeframe that is clearly just made to woo voters… Now comes this challenge by Trillanes. He is doing a Binay already.

    4. “Mabuhay ang NPA!”.. Just pay them rev taxes? He is telling me that para walang problema? Mga rebelde mga yon, for Heaven’s sake!

    I could make a long list of my takes against his “platform” but it will be misconstrued by others as me favoring another candidate.

    I just have to comment becoz his followers tend to be closed-minded already. Salamat.

    • Thanks very much Jimmy for your comment and for expressing your views. Please never, never be afraid to speak out your mind if in your heart and mind, you are convinced they are true. It’s better to make a stand as Christians if we see forces of good as against forces of evil. Duterte presents himself as a savior, but you — just like me and many others — have seen his dark side. I get bashed a lot by closed-minded Duterte fans. But still, I go on in my writings as you can see. I;m never afraid to speak out my mind to try and help our compatriots see what is good and what is not good. So, never be afraid to speak out your mind — for the sake of our country, yourself and your loved ones. Cheers, Jun

  7. Mr, Jun Conception you are a brave and intelligent person.I read your opinion you have a concrete answer. job well done.

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