After Senator Antonio Trillanes disclosed after midnight last night to the Philippine Daily Inquirer the P2.4 billion that Rodrigo Duterte and daughter Sara amassed between 2006 and 2015 in 17 different bank accounts — courtesy of incriminating documents — what will happen next?

The following scenarios are likely to unfold fast and furious in the coming days and even well into election day on May 9:

SCENARIO 1: Duterte himself and his spokesmen will vehemently deny the latest allegation of Trillanes. Like Jojo Binay, the guy whose presidential bid is sinking as fast as a one peso coin in the murky waters of Pasig river, Duterte and his camp will likely say that Trillanes and his bombshell are part of a grand conspiracy to prevent the feisty Davao city mayor from capturing the presidency.

But like it or not, simply denouncing Trillanes and whoever is helping him gather those explosive documents simply won’t work. Duterte has to confront the allegations squarely and rebut them as convincingly and clearly as he could possibly do.

If he fails to mount a strong and convincing defense of himself and his secret multi-billion peso bank deposits, many Pinoy voters who have not really decided who to vote for president, coupled with those not firmly supporting Duterte, will likely waver and even delete him from their choices on the day of balloting.

SCENARIO 2: Trillanes — together with Mar Roxas, Grace Poe and Binay — will go all out to press him publicly to execute a waiver in bank accounts, specified in Trillanes’ documents, that will authorize concerned banks to disclose to the public all relevant information about the questioned bank accounts.

Duterte will be damned if he doesn’t provide a waiver authorizing public disclosures. Why? Because clamping down and invoking the confidentiality of his bank accounts will go a very long way in reinforcing public suspicions that he really amassed huge amounts through illegal means– probably proceeds of corruption or even bribes from criminal syndicates.

Simple common sense and logic will come into play here. If you’ve got nothing to hide and if you’re got a clear conscience, then you will readily disclose your bank accounts to the public in the interest of transparency — just like what Roxas vowed to do boldly yesterday. But if you’re hiding dark secrets, then you will resist strongly efforts to disclose your bank accounts.

Duterte will be equally damned if he opens all the questioned bank accounts. Why? Because from the Inquirer account of the salient highlights of the Trillanes documents, it appears that the documents came from the relevant banks themselves, not officially, but presumably leaked out by some bank staff who fear a Duterte presidency and the likely disaster that it will bring to all Pinoys. The fact that the Trillanes documents presented in great detail the different deposits and other transactions in those accounts will give the impression that they are either bank records themselves or culled from bank records.

SCENARIO 3: Trillanes — the intrepid and patriotic fighter that he is — may ask the Ombudsman to conduct an immediate investigation into the monetary affairs of Duterte and even his daughter Sara who once served as mayor of Davao. Corruption is corruption, and officials who fail to explain unexplained wealth well beyond their legal earnings can and need to be prosecuted under different anti-corruption laws of the land.

The incriminating documents now in the possession of Trillanes can well serve as an excellent starting point for Ombudsman investigators to probe into Duterte father and son’s financial affairs, specifically how they amassed P2.4 billion and where it came from. The Ombudsman can certainly ask the concerned banks to provide the anti-graft body with documents relating to Duterte’s bank accounts. Eventually, Ombudsman investigators will know the full extent of multi-million deposits into Duterte’s accounts and other transactions involving those accounts.

Just like what the Ombudsman has done in the case of Binay, if it gathers enough evidence against the Dutertes pointing to violations of different corruption laws, then it can eventually file a formal corruption complaint with the Sandiganbayan for prosecution.

SCENARIO 3: The indefatigable Trillanes may ask the Anti Money Laundering Council to look at the money transfers into the 17 bank accounts of Duterte father and daughter. Suspicious money transfers using banks and other financial institutions involving monies of questionable origin and destination may well be regarded as money laundering, specially if there are indications or even possibility of criminal activities or corruption.

A case in point here is what the AMLAC did with Binay and his close associates. The council asked different banks to furnish it with detailed records of bank accounts of Binay and his close associates. As a result, AMLAC froze about 200 bank accounts identified with Binay and his associates. The council also revealed its findings which showed unexplained billions of pesos that passed through their bank accounts, several billion of which were remitted to mysteriouis parties in Canada.

Binay is currently vice president, the second highest official in the land. Yet, he was subjected to parallel AMLAC and Ombudsman investigations. Corruption and other cases had been filed by the Ombudsman with the Sandiganbayan. Binay’s immunity from criminal prosecution when his term as vice president ends. Judgment time is fast approaching for Rambotito, the unano version of macho Rambo.

If the vice president was subjected to AMLAC and Ombudsman probes, a city mayor, like Duterte, will certainly be an ordinary course of business for both agencies.

And what if Duterte wins as president? Well, the Ombudsman’s office is independent from the President’s office. The Ombudsman has amply shown that she fears no one –not the vice president or senior senators still under detention. The Ombudsman can well continue its investigation. The only downside is it can’t recommend prosecution to the Sandiganbayan against a sitting president and vice president.

SCENARIO 4: All media — traditional and social — will be in frenzy over this huge money scandal involving Duterte. This will prove to be the hottest and juiciest news from today until election day! Different angles to this scandalous story will be pursued by journalists, political analysts and other pundits.

SCENARIO 5: Magpahanap ng mangkukulam si Duterte para palakihin ang tiyan ni Trillanes o mga paa niya dahil sa galit niya sa senador! he he . . . . In response, the senator who seldom smiles will certainly look for kontra kulam. . . he he … commercial lang po!

For more information about the Trillanes papers and his disclosure, please check the Inquirer web link below:


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    • Thanks Tania for your short but sweet comment! But come to think of it, Duterte used the same word “fabricated” on April 27, denying he has accounts in BPI. But April 28, he admitted having those accounts! Also, how well do you know Duterte? Bakit ka magtitiwala ng husto sa isang taong di mo personal na kilala? Sadly, maraming bolerong pulitiko sa Pinas at mukhang isa na siya dito, gaya ni binay na bilyon bilyon din ang pera.

      • Ulol! Inamin nya na meron syang mga bank accounts but not particularly the alleged account! Gets mo… Intindihin mo muna statement nya hah, bago mag conclude… Nagmumukha kanh engot nya boy!

      • Ulol ka rin at ungas at tanga pa dahil sarado utak mo at mukhang taho ang laman! Mali mali na nga salita ang sinasabi ng idolo mong psychophatic at diktador in the making e di mo pa ma gets ang panic niya. Bumalik ka sa grade 1 at kumain ka ng balde baldeng Star Margarine para madagdagan ang talino ng utak mong pulbura at palito! Ungas ka rin! at ulol pang magkakambal! I don’t think shit from anybody as shitty as you! Ungas!

      • Ramon, Grabe naman tanong mo! Hirap naman! Ganito yan Boy Abunda….. he he … i question the leadership qualities of mar roxas, but he’s corruption free and has long years of experience in government. Grace Poe is a newcomer but displayed strong character and leadership qualities handling Mamasapano and other major public hearings at the Senate. She’s also free from any corruption allegations. Like Angela Merkel of Germany and even Margaret Thatcher in the old days in the UK and now Hillary Clinton, women can also be good leaders. Toss coin ako sa kanilang dalawa

      • Ipagpatuloy mo yan Jun C.at maraming bulag at sarado ang isip sa mga kababayan natin. Mabuhay ka Jun C!

      • Thanks Dane for your short but encouraging comment. Tigil na sana ako e. Coz nasisira na bayuti ko at pagkababaeh at puri koh sa mga bashers ko na 1 milyon na yata in my last count. ….. ha ha … buti na lang at matibay tibay pa dibdib ko … he he warmregards,

      • Tanga ka rin ano? At sinong maysabi sa iyo na magtiwala ka sa isang tao na di mo kilala? Alam mo palang maraming bolerong politikong tao so it means na si Trillanes ay bolero din para lang umangat ang boto nya. Hwag mong sabihin na nagtitiwala ka sa kanya eh di mo naman sya kilala? Ibig bang sabihin nyan naniniwala ka rin pala sa mga bolerong tao gaya ni Trillanes? Ayusin mo ang comments mo kasi bumabalik ang katangahan mo sa iyo dyan sa mga sinasabi mo. BOPOL

      • Tawag mo sa akin ay tanga at bopol??? Ungas, gago, ulol, bobo, utak lamok at taho! Wala ba talagang laman utak mo kundi toyo, patis at suka?? When I speak of not just trusting a person whom you don’t really know, I refer to people like Duterte who gives out lots of tall promises but many of which don’t make sense, unrealistic, illogical, not doable and plain and simply crazy and idiotic!! Example — If the US, UK, Germany and other superpowers in the world can’t resolve criminality in just six months, how can Duterte promise to do this when he can’t even resolve major crimes in Davao? Trillanes showed his ability to fight corruption in gathering documents that showed the extent of corruption of binay. His accomplishments in fighting corruption in terms of gathering incriminating documents are admirable. Ano sey mo? Kung may laman talaga ang utak mo

      • If I may join in the conversation. I do not personally know Trillanes too. Why would I trust him? Mudslinging in Philippine politics is rampant.
        I saw authenticity in Duterte’s actions and words. He is a person who does not look like he has so many millions. Same with the rest of his family.

      • di mo ba na intindihan nilaro ni Mayor Digong ang mga kalaban niya..para sisikat siya sa mga pahayagan na walang bayad….try to check the deposits…may ganyan ba na exact fgure na pa balik balik na naidepsito sa ibang araw…perfect amount pati centavo…paulit ulit sa iabang araw…he is not an ordinary politician….a Chess Master baiting a game….whcih now he control the game….opponents are moving according to his will….try to recal from the start of filing of COC til now…he’s palying fool to his rivals…

      • Hi Edwin, D a chess master??? Come on! He commits lots of blunders and was forced o admit he has a BPI account and now refuses to reveal history of his bank transactions, reinforcing suspicions he’s got ill gotten wealth!! He’s lost major pieces like a horse, bishop and tower!! And you call him a chess master?? Pathetic!! And with his admission he gets expensive gifts from Quiboloy in violation of anti graft law, that’s very very big blunder!! About to lose his queen!! Ha ha ha Why not ask him to play piko or sungka or dama?? You don’t know chess, kid! And you don’t know how to best judge character of a shrewd politician. Please wise up and reduce your gullibility and naïveté. Sayang talino mo kung magpauto KA.

      • bobotante in action.. kitang kita sa evidence kuno na copy and paste ang values// at saka ang date of transaction is non working sa banko.. anong klase utak mo kung maniniwala ka dyan..bobotante lang naniniwala dyan

      • Hoy James, tawag mo sa akin ay bobo? Bago mo ako paratangan ng ganyan ay tingin ka munsa sa salamin para makita mo ang ganitong klaseng tao — Gago, ungas, tunggak, utak taho at abo, sano, bading, bobo!! Kahit na simpleng Pilipinong pangunusap e di ka pa makabuo! Pwe! Bobo! Even if there are errors in Trillanes’ documents, those documents forced Duterte to admit he has hidden bank accounts in Metro Manila. That’s a major victory for Trillanes. Duterte also refuses to give a history of his bank accounts? Why hide details of his bank accounts? The simple answer is he’s hiding something!! So, sino ngayon ang bobo at tanga! Ikaw o ako?

      • Hi Duterte, Medyo mababaw naman yata tingin mo sa national issues na apektado tayong lahat after May 9. The burning issue of the day is not minute details like how a BPI statement really looks like. The single most important issue here is Trillanes’ allegation that Duterte has 2.4 billion pesos is now in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION! If Duterte doesn’t reveal all infos about concerned bank accounts, many Pinoys will see and regard him as a big-time crook like Binay. If he’s got really nothing to hide, then he should open to public scrutiny his bank accounts, just like what Mar Roxas did. On a personal note, imagine your husband or bf. May nasilip ka sa FB niya o text messages. Sweet nothings sa isang girl. You asked him for full disclosure, but he refuses vehemently. So, ano feelings mo at iisipin mo? If we are to have a new president, we have to make sure that he is not a big time crook like binay with lots of unexplained wealth.

      • Is this document even true?? may transactions bang ganito same amount up to the last centavo?? raming transactions pare pareho ang figures up to the last centavo talaga!!! parang copy paste lang ah!!! para MAKAPANIRA lang wagas!!!

      • Hi Star Dust, Even if Trillanes’ documents has errors, the fact is those same documents FORCED Duterte to admit that he’s got hidden bank accounts in Metro Manila. Those same documents FORCED Duterte to refuse revealing a history of his bank accounts. Why can’t he reveal details of his transactions? What is he hiding that he doesn’t want Filipino people like you and me to know? How can you vote an official like him if he might be hiding possibly billions of ill-gotten wealth like Binay? Do you really want to have a president who’s accused of stealing taxpayers’ money? Your money and that of your loved ones? At kung paninirang wagas, what can you say about the Commission on Audit findings last year that in 2014, Duterte spent P708 million for 11,000 contractual employees. But COA found out that there were no 11,000 names of employees and no signatures to salaries those employees got every month. Ito ay konkretong findings ng COA. Paninira pa ba ito? Maiboboto mo ba ang isang opisyal na nanakawan ka ng big time? Bakit bilib na bilib ka sa isang tao na maraming question sa pagkatao at karakter at walang respeto sa nakakatanda at human rights? Maaatim ba ng konsensiya mo na suportahan ang ganitong klaseng tao?

    • Ask ko lng bakit hndi nlng poh kuhanin ng government ang mga nahuling subra subrang billion, trillion na nkurakot ng mga buwaya na yan Para pangbayad poh sa utang ng pinas, Para poh mabawas bawasan nman ang utang na yan na hangang ngayon poh lalong tumaas.

    • sENATOR tRILLANES IS MY KABABAYAN, A bICOLANO. gANYAN ANG bICOLANO, WALANG KINIKILINGAN BASTA SA KATOTOHANAN. i ADMIRE HIM FOR THIS EXPOSE AGAINST THE BILLIONS OF HIDDEN WEALTH OF Mayor Duterte. Now I can foretell that Duterte’s popularity will crumble in just 5 days from today. Kinalinga natin siya dahil ang nalaman natin sa kanya ay isa siyang palaban na tao laban sa corruptions , krimen, katiwalian, an anti drug czar, at iba pang good qualities na hinahanap ngayon ng sambayanan para maputol na ang pagdurusa ng mahigit 50 million Filipinos. sa extreme poverty. Ayan, bigla lumutang sa publiko ang expose ni Trillanes na may ill gotten wealth siyang bilyones at ari arian na mga bilyones dein ang halaga. Saan nya nga kinuha ang mga iyon? Sa mga drug syndicates and criminal syndicates daw? Aba, ki kung saan galing yun, bakit in the beginning hindi hiya ipinaliwang sa sambayanan ang yaman niya? E sa ngayon dapat na tayong magduda na mas madami pa ang mga sikreto na itinatago niya na mga kabulastugan niya.

      Tayong lahat na mga humanga kay Duterte, dapat pa bang ipagpatuloy natin ang paghanga na yun? We will become naive, stupids, and uncevilized if we will still continue to support him. Ako? Maka Duterte ako, pero nang makita ko na nag miting si Duyterte sa Sorsogon last April 30 sa Sorsogon Plaza in front of the Provincial Capitol, I lost my political appetite for him. I told my friends and they are all convinced that to continue supporting him is a great insult to us. Why don’t we choose instead, either Mar Roxas or Grace Poe. Medyo magiging matino pa ang Pilipinas in the coming 6 years. Let us be serious about this issue. At kayong mga nag cocoment, alisin na ninyo ang pagmumurahan at pag palabas ng iba’t ibvang invictive words that will just hurt everyone. Ang tingin tuloy sa atin ng ibang tao sa ibang bansa, e mga bastos tayo, mga uncevilized, at higit sa lahat, nag sipag aral pero mga maledukado. let us discuss issues very seriously and with some civility kasi mga sibilisado tayong tao at ang buong mundo ay hanga sa talino natin.

      • U are so true…….ganun na nga nagiging bastusan dhil sa kabastusan ng mga du30 narrow-poisoned mind. Feeling nila cla lng ang may karapatan…..cla palagi ang tama. Yung pinoy mindset na kc ito ang trending at USO…..dito dn ako para sikat…..utak buhangin …kung san ang dreksyun ng hangIn dun na rn. Its so unfortunate for us to think kung sakali na magkarun ng presidents katulad no du30.i can’t exactly Imagine kung any mangyari sa pilipinas. Kahit d manalo ang iboboto ko..WAG LNG C DUTERTE ….LORD HELP US. Pkihipo n LNG ng mga puso at icipan ng sambayanang Pilipino.

      • eh sir matanong ko lang po kayo. bakit hanggang ngayon wala pang linaw kung saan na ang yolanda funds? after all these years? why? bakit silence ang media, ang gobyerno about it? dahil ba si pinoy pa ang nakaupo sa palasyo? kaya gusto nyang si mar ang maging president upang ma-silenced ito habang panahon? what do you think? it is clear your president is Mar!

      • Hi Romy, Una, hindi si Mar ang iboboto ko at si Grace Poe na marahil. Gusto nating lahat ang mga pagbabago. So, bakit hindi tayo pumili ng talagang bago sa gubyerno na hindi pa nabahiran ng mga kalokohan ng mga matagal na sa gubyerno gaya ni Duterte. Kung si Duterte ang balak mong iboto ay sana isipin mo ito ng husto — nitong 2015 ay nakita ng Commission on Audit na P708 million ang ginastos ng Davao city sa 11,000 contractual workers. Pero wala namang pangalan ng 11,000 employees. Wala ring pirma sa time cards sa pagkolekta ng monthly salary ng 11,000 workers. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito? Maramihang ghost employees at kawalan ng pera ng taxpayers’ money? Ang tanong mo sa yolanda funds. Yes, mukhang nagkawalaan. Pero walang isang ahensiya na tatanggap at responsable sa gamit ng pera. Magulo ang sistema kaya nagkawalaan. Pero ang ahensiya ni Mar ay hindi humawak ng pera kaya walang sabit dito. Pero di ko pa rin iboboto si Mar kahit wala siyang sabit dito. Pero balikan natin si Duterte. Kung wala siyang respeto sa matatanda at human rights, bastos, walang pinag iwan kay Binay na kung magsalita ay parang makamasa pero marami palang sikreto sa buhay lalo na ang pagkawala ng malalaking halaga ng pera ng bayan, paano maaatim ng kunsensiya mo na iboto ang ganitong trapo o traditional politician? Gaya ng sabi ko — kung talagang pagbabago ang hanap natin ay bakit hindi natin subukan ang bago sa pulitika gaya ni Grace Poe?

      • Hi Romy, Una, hindi si Mar ang iboboto ko at si Grace Poe na marahil. Gusto nating lahat ang mga pagbabago. So, bakit hindi tayo pumili ng talagang bago sa gubyerno na hindi pa nabahiran ng mga kalokohan ng mga matagal na sa gubyerno gaya ni Duterte. Kung si Duterte ang balak mong iboto ay sana isipin mo ito ng husto — nitong 2015 ay nakita ng Commission on Audit na P708 million ang ginastos ng Davao city sa 11,000 contractual workers. Pero wala namang pangalan ng 11,000 employees. Wala ring pirma sa time cards sa pagkolekta ng monthly salary ng 11,000 workers. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito? Maramihang ghost employees at kawalan ng pera ng taxpayers’ money? Ang tanong mo sa yolanda funds. Yes, mukhang nagkawalaan. Pero walang isang ahensiya na tatanggap at responsable sa gamit ng pera. Magulo ang sistema kaya nagkawalaan. Pero ang ahensiya ni Mar ay hindi humawak ng pera kaya walang sabit dito. Pero di ko pa rin iboboto si Mar kahit wala siyang sabit dito. Pero balikan natin si Duterte. Kung wala siyang respeto sa matatanda at human rights, bastos, walang pinag iwan kay Binay na kung magsalita ay parang makamasa pero marami palang sikreto sa buhay lalo na ang pagkawala ng malalaking halaga ng pera ng bayan, paano maaatim ng kunsensiya mo na iboto ang ganitong trapo o traditional politician? Gaya ng sabi ko — kung talagang pagbabago ang hanap natin ay bakit hindi natin subukan ang bago sa pulitika gaya ni Grace Poe?

      • Hi Romy, Una, hindi si Mar ang iboboto ko at si Grace Poe na marahil. Gusto nating lahat ang mga pagbabago. So, bakit hindi tayo pumili ng talagang bago sa gubyerno na hindi pa nabahiran ng mga kalokohan ng mga matagal na sa gubyerno gaya ni Duterte. Kung si Duterte ang balak mong iboto ay sana isipin mo ito ng husto — nitong 2015 ay nakita ng Commission on Audit na P708 million ang ginastos ng Davao city sa 11,000 contractual workers. Pero wala namang pangalan ng 11,000 employees. Wala ring pirma sa time cards sa pagkolekta ng monthly salary ng 11,000 workers. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito? Maramihang ghost employees at kawalan ng pera ng taxpayers’ money? Ang tanong mo sa yolanda funds. Yes, mukhang nagkawalaan. Pero walang isang ahensiya na tatanggap at responsable sa gamit ng pera. Magulo ang sistema kaya nagkawalaan. Pero ang ahensiya ni Mar ay hindi humawak ng pera kaya walang sabit dito. Pero di ko pa rin iboboto si Mar kahit wala siyang sabit dito. Pero balikan natin si Duterte. Kung wala siyang respeto sa matatanda at human rights, bastos, walang pinag iwan kay Binay na kung magsalita ay parang makamasa pero marami palang sikreto sa buhay lalo na ang pagkawala ng malalaking halaga ng pera ng bayan, paano maaatim ng kunsensiya mo na iboto ang ganitong trapo o traditional politician? Gaya ng sabi ko — kung talagang pagbabago ang hanap natin ay bakit hindi natin subukan ang bago sa pulitika gaya ni Grace Poe?

  1. I read all your blogs – You are a full time blogger specifically assigned to focus your energy to sow doubt on people, that is your very talent. Honestly, I admire your brightness, that is special and quite unique. However, all your write ups proved one thing.. you don’t promote for what is better for the common good, you promote the interest of your payer. Fortunately, people nowadays are more discerning.. not easy to be swayed with simplistic mirage.

    • Thanks Lei for your reaction. Frankly, I feel some pressure to send you a boquet of roses — coz matiyaga kang magbasa ng sinusulat ko! Grabe! Serious! Critical! he he While your comment is a bit offensive coz you sort of accuse me of being a paid blogger, buti na lang at magalang pananalita mo unlike other bashers that I’ve met. First off, di ako bayarang blogger coz I have a full time job here in Hong Kong as a sub-editor in one of the English newspapers here plus Sunday sideline co-producing & co-hosting a news-oriented radio show for Pinoys and all English speakers here. 2nd, no one pays me for my blogs coz I don’t need to be paid. I love to write — this is my passion. But on top of all, I love our country very much. Muntik na nga akong naging sundalo pambala sa kanyon sa Mindanao coz of my sense of patriotism. 4th, I was initially impressed by Duterte. But the problem with me at times is I always read a lot and think a lot. That’s why I soon realized that Duterte is far from sincere and honest and that what he’s promising — mainly the stars and the moon — are simply not realistic and doable. Just like binay and many old-time politicians, bolero at sinungaling. Believe me Lei, what I wish to promote and advocate is the common good of all Pinoys — including you and your loved ones. After observing closely his pronouncements on many issues, I cannot help but come to a conclusion that he will bring disaster to our country. Pray tell me — why does Catholic church leaders, former Senator Ping Lacson and many other respected leaders in our country think the same way as I am? And please also ask yourself some hard questions — Gaano mo kilala ang pagkatao ni Duterte? Paano mo pagtitiwalaan ang isang tao na hindi mo alan ang tunay na pagkatao? Ang mga dokumentong hawak ni Trillanes ay malamang na ibinigay sa kanya ng ilang empleyado na hindi masikmura ang mga kasinungalingan ni duterte kaya nagbigay ng mga dokumento kay Trillanes kahit tanggal sila sa trabaho kung mahuli sila ng mga boss nila? Lei, I’m sure you love our country and you want a good future for yourself and your loved ones there. Just like me and my 2 kids and never mind my ex-wife who left my kids with me. So, please do some serious soul searching about Duterte whom I assume you admire. We should admire people worth admiring, but not duplicitous people who look and sound good but who, in fact, are keeping lots of dark secrets. Again, Lei, maraming salamat sa tiyaga mo pagbabasa ng mga sinusulat ko kahit madaling araw after i get home from work at 11:30pm. Saan ko nga pala ipapadala ang boquet of roses? he he Ingatz lagi, Jun

      • Thanks Paula for your gracious reaction. Pero hindi po sir ang name ko, simply Jun lang po ang inyong lingkod. Tinawag ako just now ng ilang bashers na ulol at ungas sa mga sinusulat ko — which I’m doing simply out of love for our beloved country. Aray!! Napakasakit kuya eddie! Wahhhh!!! Tawag pa sa akin ay bayaran! Wahhh!! Sabi ko nga e i earn in hk dollars here in hk kaya di ko kailangan bayad from anyone. Pero napakasakit pa rin kuya eddie! Wahhh!! Buti na lang at meron naliligaw tulad ng comment mo, short but sweet. Teka, pwede kaya padala sa yo ng boquet ng flowers kahit yung mga flowers ng ampalaya? they’re very nice, you know. …. he he…. Warm regards, ingatz lagi, Jun …. PS … Just in case you find time for more idea changes, pls feel free to drop me a line at jchk94@yahoo.com ingatz lagi

      • I’m beginning to like the tone of your replies – I think I’d have to look you up online and read more about blogs. Mabuhay ka, Jun Concepcion! I do feel you are serious in doing your homework quite thorough and well and that’s what ALL Our Kababayans should be doing also BEFORE THEY SHARE ANYTHING ONLINE. God Bless The Philippines!

      • As for me anu bang nagawa ni mar?im not that intellegent like u sir but share ko lang from leyte ako pero hanggang ngaun marami parin ang naghihirap wla pa ding matirhan?nasaan na ang mga billion dollars na donation from all over the world?yun ba ang daang matuwid?come to think of that

      • Hi Aquamarine, Lahat tayo ay may talino at baka mas maswerte ka pa nga kaysa sa akin coz ako ay college drop out. Basa lang ako ng basa araw araw coz pag gutom ang sikmura ko ay gutom din ang aking isipan. Sa tingin ko ay pumalpak ang PNoy administration sa rehabilitation programs and projects jan sa Leyte. Pero in fairness kay Roxas na tingin ko ay mahina ang leadership, hindi siya nagnakaw ng pera ng taong bayan. Tingin ko ay mababang loob si Roxas at simple lang. Hindi niya ibinandera kung paano siya kumilos jan. Bakit kinapos ang gubyerno dyan at bakit hirap pa rin jan? Dahil wala tayong Department of Disaster Rehabilitation na isinusulong ngayon ni Romualdez ninyo. Kaya kanya kanya ng kilos ang iba ibang departamento jan kaya palpak ang rehabilitation. Sobrang laki at lawak ng pinsala jan, sa Samar, Cebu at iba pang probinsiya. Kaya talagang super hirap matugunan agad mga pangangailangan jan sa inyo. Kahit na saang bansa ay tiyak na mahihirapan din. Kaya sana ay lawakan natin ang pananaw natin. Ang daang matuwid ay hindi 100% perfect. Kahit sa US, Germany at mayayamang bansa ay wala kang makikitang 100% perfect na government delivery services. Ang paniwala ko ay si Mar Roxas na hindi man lang nasangkot sa pagnanakaw ng pera ng taong bayan o si Grace Poe ang mas mahusay na maging next president natin. Si Duterte? Yes, pangako niya pagbabago. Pero paano ka aasa sa kanya na magawa mga bahay nyo jan at mabigyan kayo ng kabuhayan kung sangkot din ang pamilya niya sa big time corruption. Ang revelation ni Trillanes ay hindi pa konkreto ng husto pero nakikita ko jan ay baka maging Binay din. Unti unting naglabasan ang mga dokumento at whistle blowers na super corrupt pala ang pamilya ni Binay. At ang Commission on Audit ay may findings din ng questionable payment ni Duterte ng P700 million para sa 11,000 casual workers. Pero ang mga questions ng COA ay ganito: Bakit wala ang listahan ng 11,000 casual workers, bakit walang oras ng trabaho at pirma sa pagkuha ng sweldo nila? Please think very well on this — any official who steals big amounts of money is depriving poor people, like you, from having a new house and a small livelihood project from where you can get your daily income. Maraming salamat po.

      • Thank you Cindy. Pero gaya mo at mga mahal mo sa buhay, super mahal ko ang bayan natin at mga loved ones. Kaya nais ko lang may mapili tayong mas mahusay na bagong presidente, na mas mahusay kaysa kay Duterte — kahit na sino pa man. Maraming salamat.

      • intellectuals would use their logic before casting their lot with the candidates. here is a cent of my thought about your opinion. with duterte i clearly see an exhibit-A davao city, as his main accomplishment. so taking no account first of all other factors like his foul-mouth, one thing is very clear, his credentials is a run away winner. could we find the same with others? i don’t think others has much to offer, other than corruption, incompetence, and inadequacy. and of course a lot of promises.

      • Thanks Mr de Vera for your insights. I respect and acknowledge them. I assure you I’m very much aware of Duterte’s achievements in Davao city because I’ve been there and in many other provincial cities. The only problem with Duterte is the dark side of his administration that many people don’t see and choose to ignore. This is solid unlike what Trillanes has disclosed about P2.4 billion passing through his BPI account — not the remaining balance — but which I believe can eventually turn into something similar to Binay’s hidden and unexplained wealth. The Commission on Audit has taken Duterte to task for spending over P700 million for 11,000 casual workers. Key questions by COA: Why were there no names of all 11,000 workers, time cards and signatures if all 11,000 worked legitimately? Were there ghost employees? And how about a TV5 Inteaksyon report yesterday in which an NGO accused his son Paolo of involvement in big-time smuggling? And why did Duterte hire Lito Banayo as political strategist initially even if he was sacked from NFA for alleged corruption and was subjected to NBI investigation? If Duterte is really sincere and dedicated to eradicating corruption, why did he hire a corruption-tainted person like Banayo who was removed after findings presumably of his involvement in irregularities? Please tell me — won’t the combination of all these that I mentioned imaginary? Won’t a combination of all these point to corruption somehow? So, why on earth will vote into office someone whose family is tainted with corruption just because of his achievement sin his city? Yes, Binay has built a hospital, a university and gives free cakes and movie passes to Makati residents. But were these programs and projects merely incidental or secondary to his family’s blatant greed? So, you see, I don’t criticize Duterte for no apparent justifiable reasons. Warm regards.

      • I totally agree with what your saying.if duterte got nothing to hide then it should not a problem for him to show what acct he has etc…basically thats the only thing that would clear him up to said allegations…but its seems he got so much excuses and drama…it kinda shows his hiding something. .maybe he is buying time so he can move all those money to another bank and to someone else name…who knows..he should have shown or allow that so called waiver the moment he was accused if he is for real, and not hiding anything. Since he hasn’t done that, that means he is hiding something…its sad that others seems not to see all this…people need to have an open mind and choose wisely instead having a one track mind and just be so blind about everything…is it because they have supported this person and they’ll support him to the very end inspite of what has been discovered hopefully everyone knows that u can still change and its ok
        its not too late…

      • Thank you sir,very clear and enlightening sana marami ang makabasa ng blogs nyo bihira akong magbasa ng blogs pero naging interesado ako kasi magaling kayong magpaliwanag ,isa akong simpleng housewife na gusto ng mapayapang bansa para sa mamamayan lalo na sa aking pamilya..God bless po

      • Hi Bhabes, Salamat SA comments mo. Gaya mo, HANAP Ko RIN ay mapayapa at maunlad NA bayan. Hindi Ang mga kaguluhan NA dadalhin Ni Duterte Pero hindi makita ng marami NA nabilog ANG pag iisip NG mga nilulubid NA Pantasya NI duterte.

  2. Naku!!!!!!! Nakakatakot pala magdeposito sa Bank of the Philippine Islands and BDO. Pwede pala makakuha si Trillanes ng record ng mga bank transactions mo!!!!!!! OMG!!!😱😱😱

    • Naku Maisie, Meron ka palang bilyones gaya ni Duterte at Binay??? Grabe!!! Pwede po bang makautang o ambos na lang? Kahit po 10 milyon lang na barya sa inyo ….. he he … Ordinary citizens like us have nothing to fear for as long as we’re not big time crooks. Di po tayo sikat at big time kaya walang gaanong papansin sa ilang milyones natin …. he he … Cheers, Jun

    • The one write this article is stupid as fuck !!! Dami alam Wala Naman nagagawa scenario … Fuck yoi scenario may ass twat!

      • Hi Alex, Please tell me — is your brain full of taho mixed with toyo, patis at suka? he he And is your ass as beautiful as that devilish abu sayyaf coward who chopped off the head of the hapless canadian tourist? Incidentally, balita ko sa neighbor mo e graduate ka daw at may masters pa sa Kangkungan University at Abu Sayyaf College. Tutoo ba tsismax? he he

  3. How true are those data? You mean to say those banks are crazy enough to give you these mind boggling info inspite of the bank secrecy law? Possession of illegally sourced document we understand makes the possessor criminally liable.
    What next, Trillanes? That Duterte owns vast tract of land in the moon?

    • Thanks Robert for your reaction. I doubt that documents in Trillanes’ possession were given officially by those banks. Bank officers or staff who deliberately give documents to outside parties will surely lose their jobs if their bosses know what they did. Right? So I assume some bank staff took great risks to leak those documents coz they believe in their heart & mind that Duterte will become a bad president. Hindi nila masikmura marahil pagsasabi niya na mahirap siya sa buhay pero bilyones pala mga perang nakatago sa bangko. Yes, leaking those documents is illegal and might even cause the loss of their jobs. Pero kung ikaw ang nasa lugar ng bank employees at alam mo ang posibleng next president ay corrupt pala, ano ang gagawin mo? Tatahimik ka lang ba? We only have one country in which we and our loved ones live. Kawawa tayong lahat kung mali ang pagpili natin ng presidente. Tingin ko ay bilib ka kay Duterte. Ganoon din ako ng una. Pero inaral ko ng husto ang mga pangako niya na pabago bago madalas at marami ay di makatotohanan. Mr Durante, for the good of your loved ones and yourself, please ask yourself some hard questions and please be honest with your answers. How well do you know this guy Duterte even if he sounds sincere and honest in youtube, etc? If you don’t know him very well, how can you fully trust him? We all know that many old time politicians like Binay sound and appear sincere and honest. But revelations of documents and testimonial evidence later reveal they are not as honest and sincere as they seem to be. How well do you know if Duterte is really honest and sincere? Good day. Cheers, Jun

      • Hi Armand, You know what, we can simply use plain and simple common sense here. If documents in Trillanes’ possession are very, very detailed, including bank account numbers used in different transactions, where do you think will they come from? Gawa gawa lang? Of course, it can be safely be assumed that those infos were based on something solid — solid as bank documents themselves. Besides, all it takes really and this can be very easily done is for either AMLAC or the Ombudsman, both of which have legal powers to do so, to subpoena or request the production of records relating to those bank accounts. At presto! Hawak ng two agencies ang complete bank records na mga iyon. Just like what AMLACK has done in the case of about 200 bank accounts of Binay and his close associates. Remember?

      • Hi, i think no politician is that stupid to have an account under his name or even his family with billions of pesos. D b nkapag tataka? Lalu na kung abugado pa ang politiko. Khit si erap at binay gumamit pa ng mga dummies para matago lng nakaw nila…

      • Hi Rodel, Hindi ba may kasabihan — matalino man ang matsing, napaglalalangan din? From what I see, the biggest problem with digong is his gigantic ego and pride. Di ba turing niya sa sarili niya ay Rambo, Superman at Batman combined? Tigasin kaya maraming humanga. Veteran lawyer pa, di ba? Pero dahil nga sa yabang e nalimutan niyang kung meron kang hidden wealth ay di mo dapat gamitin tunay mong name!! tell me, palagay ko e mas matalino ka pa sa idol mo, di ba? Kung naisipan mong di gamitin ang tunay mong pangalan e di sana ganon din ang ginawa niya — kung mas matalino siya kaysa sa yo! he he sorry for saying this pero tanga ang idol mo at mas matalino ka pa sa kanya. Besides, how you can you really admire and trust a person like duterte whom you don’t really know personally? Is it enough that we see someone speak well and then we trust that person? Think very well my friend

      • kung ang monthly salary ni duterte ay 78,000 lang o 936,000 a year e saan kaya galing yung 2.4 billion niya? Sana meron din akong ganong kalaki para di na ako work dito sa hong kong at malayo sa mga anak ko at sarap buhay sa sariling bansa. Naku, KCIR, can you please call at personal puntahan mo AMLAC at Ombudsman para check nila bank records ko? Pls, pls, pls … para sumikat naman ako gaya ni digong! he he … kaso lang e baka mabigo sila coz less than HK$200 balance ko before the end of each month…. ha ah

      • You assume Jun that this employee did this out of moral obligation. What if they did it because they were paid high enough that they are willing to sell their conscience at the right price?

      • Thanks Eba for your reaction. I agree with you. What you suggest is possible. However, let’s assume its you and I working in the concerned bank. Will you risk losing a steady full-time job that pays a regular monthly salary for a one-time, big-time bribe? And of course you know that every year, about 1 million graduates look for jobs in the jobs market. So fresh grads plus many other jobless and underemployed will certainly grab your post if you don’t hold on to it, right? So, I still believe some bank staff might have leaked documents deliberately coz they can’t stand prospects of a duterte presidency and its dark side. Frankly, i foresee political, economic and social instabilities in our country under a duterte presidency. I’m not a diehard supporter of any one. But i’m a great fan of the filipino people and what i believe is best for all of us.

    • Hoy durante! Magalang ang unang sagot ko sa yo coz mukhang kagalang galang ka. Hindi pala at ungas ka pala for accusing me of being a paid guy in my writings! I earn in Hong Kong dollars here in Hong Kong and I don’t need anyone to pay me for what I’m writing which I believe will help Filipinos see the real Duterte — a corrupt and tyrannical leader who can bring disaster to our country! I;m just doing something which I believe will help our country — including you and your loved ones. Nagpapakababa ng katauhan??? Excuse me! Mababa ang katauhan ng mga taong gaya mo na sarado ang isip sa mga katotohanang unti unti ng naglalabasan ngayon sa iba ibang media. Kung ayaw mong maniwala sa mga statements ng mga taong respetado sa lipunan gaya ng mga Catholic church leaders, President Aquino, Ping Lacson at iba pa e di magpakaligaya ka sa kababawan ng utak mo. Period!

      • I believe in what you’ve said it was also my observation, at first I was really impressed but as days goes it was so clear to me that something was wrong and missing and he’s not what I thought he was besides the catholic church will not make any effort to post anything about Duterte’s behavior if they think he will be a good president… about the banks documents only proved me right that he’s indeed not worth voting for…

      • Grabe Olga!! Natuwa naman ako sa comment mo. Hindi lang pala ako nag iisa na nauto sa matatamis na pangako ni digong! May Olga pala akong kasama! ha ha ha ….. Seriously now, we all respect our Catholic church leaders (although i harshly attack them for their ultra conservative views on divorce, contraceptives, etc). Our church leaders won’t speak out against Duterte, as well as President Aquino, Ping Lacson and other respected members of our society if they didn’t really see anything wrong in him. The disclosure that he amassed 2.4 billion pesos against a monthly salary of only 78,000 pesos really reflects that something is seriously wrong somewhere with this guy. COA findings of hundreds of millions of pesos spent under questiionable circumstances in Davao are also solid and clear proof that he is no more than another binay.

      • Tama ka Jun dapat bukas ang isip natin kabi kabila kasi bansa natin ang nakataya dito,sa simula pa nga lang ung mga pagmumura e tunay na nagpapakita kung anung klaseng tao si duterte ganun ba ang iluluklok nating pangulo at saka dito sa bagong issueng lumabas simple lang kung malinis at gawawa lang un plus pactor sa kaya kung pabubuksan nya ang bank account nya, di ba?

  4. Why only all the circus and publicity.. let them file an affidavit.. make it official as Mayor Duterte has suggested.. 🙂
    As far as i can tell, i can easily make these accounts with all the numbers and present them to anyone telling them it is valid.. how desperate..

    • Thanks Makoy for your comment. I suggest you read a story in http://www.inquirer.net today regarding views on why that so-called waiver executed by Duterte and Cayetano in March is invalid. Palabas lang pala! he he And do you really think duterte will execute an affidavit — that will later incriminate him later? I’m sure as hell he won’t agree to anything. Kahit hindi official bank documents ang lumabas sa Inquirer on Duterte’s billions, we can simply use plain and simple common sense — those infos are based on genuine bank documents coz they’re very detailed and the presence of those bank account numbers make them very very easy to verify and repudiate.

    • Grabe naman Lylcz! Bitin naman ako sa di mo masabi! Lyks na lyks ko pa naman sana malaman nasa isip mo! … he he …. Pero kung gusto mo akong i-bash gaya ng iba na tawag sa akin e ungas o ulol at bayaran, e you can perhaps drop me a line sa jchk94@yahoo.com pero promise ka ha, suwabe lang banat mo sa akin ha …. he he…. warm regards

  5. No matter what you say or do… The Filipinos have stepped up! Karamihan kung hindi man lahat… uhaw sa pagbabago! At naniniwala kami… Change is coming for a better Philippines!!! #DuterteSaPagbabago #DuterteSaMagandangBukas

    • Change for a better Philippines did you say? Come on, Janazen. I’m sure you’re more intelligent than that. Let’s try to bring national issues down to the level of your own family. Let’s imagine that your parents and siblings depend on a 2-hectare agri land for daily source of income in your province. Madalas mahirap ang buhay sa bukid, di ba? Paano kung sa gitna ng hirap ng mga parents mo, mga kapatid at pati anak e mabalitaan mo na yung mayor pala ng bayan nyo ay ginagamit ang perang pantulong sa mga magsasaka para magpagawa ng mansion, bili ng magagarang sasakyan at lipad pa ng iba ibang bansa? How would you think and feel if taxpayers’ money is spent not for the benefit of your loved ones and other poor people in your community? It has now been revealed that Duterte and Sara have 2.4 billion pesos in their bank accounts. Just imagine how many irrigation projects for farmers, free medicine for the community center, building of schools destroyed by typhoons, etc etc that 2.4 billion can build for the benefit of the poor? How can you trust a guy like duterte whom you don’t really know personally? How can you trust a guy whom you only see and hear in youtube and read about in facebook and other media? Do you really think many old time politicians like binay and duterte are really honest and sincere? Do you really think they can bring positive changes? Think well, my friend, for the sake of your loved ones.

  6. Thank you Mr. Jun Concepcion, your writings will bring enlightenment to those blinded eyes of our folks who thought somebody will bring Messianic action in our longstanding issues. No president can turn the problem overnight that everything would be better…it would take long sincere implementation of program and project implementation…I am very sad most of our folks still victims of sweet talks and robinhood style of philanthropic actions but behind of it are draconian characteristics. Still we still push for honest, sincere and credible President and his tandem vice-president…RORO is my CHOICE!!!

    • Thanks Michael for your kind comments unlike some who bash me and calls me names like ungas, bayaran, etc. We have only one country where we were born and where we grew up. I love our country and my loved ones very much that’s why I’m doing what i’m doing now even at the risk of alienating many Duterte fans. I want to help prevent a major disaster hitting our country — a duterte presidency. Yes, i will also vote roro for the best of our country. But please also help enlighten the undecided voters and some duterte fans who can still be encouraged to see the light. Mabuhay ka. Warm regards, Jun

  7. I salute you Jun for handling well all the good and bad comments. Madami lang talaga na hypnotize at sumara ang mga pag-iisip. I don’t see you as a paid blogger, wala ka namang ini-endorse na kandidato. Ang dating lang sa akin ay mag-isip ng mabuti ang mga botante. Keep up the good work and continue doing your passion!

    • Thanks Eugene for your kind comments, unlike others who call me ungas, bayaran, etc. I work here in HK and earn in HK dollars so I don’t need anyone to pay me. Just like you and many others, I love our country very much because we have only one country. I’m only doing what I’m doing because I believe Duterte will bring a major disaster to our country. Warm regards, Jun

  8. Duterte has helped a lot of people in the past and even up to the present. If ever he has that much money then it may be because he uses them for the welfare others – 911 in davao is free; he donated one of his houses to house children with cancer and helps in their treatment; davao has a child-minding center where single parents can leave their kids while they work and this is also for free; help extended outside of the city, the hospital bills paid and money for medications given to poor patients; and there are a lot more.
    How about finding facts about the good things he has done and writing about them in your blog. Of course you wouldn’t do it because it is going to be a good publicity.
    I am not much of a researcher so your post would be a lot of help. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Rogue, From the tone of your letter reaction, I can sense you are a good Christian and a good person at heart unlike some bashers I’ve encountered. I’m sure Duterte has done a lot of good in Davao. No question about that. But the biggest issues is this — how much good is he doing for Davao citizens? And how do you compare what he has so far done for Davao city citizens compared to what he has done to his pockets worth P2.4 billion? As I said, I believe you are a good Christian, unlike me a pasaway Christian who occasionally attacks Catholic bishops for opposing divorce and contraceptives which can help many poor people in our country. I see forces of good against forces of evil in our country. So, what am I doing? I’m trying to do my share to help the forces of good through my writings. Duterte only receives P78,000+ a month as mayor or P936,000 a year in salaries at hindi pa net yan. How can he then explain having P2.4 billion in his bank accounts — except steal them from Davao citizens and even accept money perhaps from drug lords or even other criminal syndicates? Also, how can you trust someone like Duterte whom you don’t know personally? How can you really believe promises of long-standing politicians like binay and duterte when what they in reality are different from their promises? I believe after making a critical analysis of all his statements that Duterte will bring a major disaster to all of us Pinoys, including your loved ones. So, please do a serious soul searching exercise and please rethink your views on Duterte, just like what I and many others have done.

      • Dear Jun,

        Your not a data scientist or a statistician, clearly. Earlier, you haf claimed that because there are account numbers on spreadsheet page, and that the amount of those numbers validate the authenticity.
        I know it’s good for readership but it also sounds ridiculous to hear you say that. It doesn’t mean that you are wrong in assuming Duterte could have some forms of corruption running through his pockets but it is asinine to claim the authenticity of something just because of numbers.
        One more thing, you stated that other than helping Davao, how did he help the citizens? Char!
        The person who commented gave you examples of how he helped the people yet you refocused on unauthenticated accounts filled with “Schroedinger’s money”. (note to readers that are unfamiliar with Schrödinger’s Cat experiment which claims that something is only true based on the observer.) So, until we observe authenticated documents stating these accounts, we shall have to wait and see if the Duterte ” Cat” is truly dead or alive.

        Peace out!
        *Mic Drop

      • Dear Varlan, I never claim to be someone i’m not. That’s hypocrisy just like duterte parading a simple house but hiding billions presumably. I’m using basic and very simple common sense and logic here. The latest revelations of Trillanes show very detailed information of account numbers and amount of transactions? Fabrications? yes, duterte and his fans will defintely say that. How to prove their veracity? Simple. If and when the Ombudsman and AMLAC get into the picture, like what AMLAC did, they can obtain bank records from banks and detail them, just like what was done with biinay’s numerous bank accounts. Yes, I’m sure duterte has done many good things in davao. No doubt about that. But how much good things has he done to davao citizens? And how much has he done to his own pockets, with 2.4 billion pesos? But there’s this saying — where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And you’re looking for something really solid? check out COA findings on hundreds of millions of pesos spent improperly during his watch. COA findings were based on their detailed audits. How about this for solid facts and figures?

      • sorry to say your also a bayaran your views are so subjective, not being proved this accusation against mayor duterte and yet you already done your verdict so sad so many of you are still blind by the main reality situation of the philippines and you are certain that mar roxas can give better service as president if elected? hello? are you there? disente kuno but never been a good leader mayor duterte has foul mouth but for those bad elements he is outraged, maybe you benefited so much of the daang matuwad and you are living a luxurious life like an oligarchs TIME TO WAKE UP GO DUTERTE !!

      • Hi Ana, Your nickname looks cute, but you’re so pathetic! Kawawa ka namang bata ka! ha ha ha Did you take up vulcanizing at Abu Sayyaf University that’s why your coconut is full of coco water plus buko? ha ha very pathetic. You accuse me of being a bayaran just because I don’t agree with your pathetic and narrow-minded views! How pathetic!! ha ha Can you please ask your bf to teach you some simple courtesy and manners if your parents have not done this. Wawa ka kasi e! Better services if Duterte becomes president?? My ass! Wait for this next piece that I’m writing about corruption in his family at baka tumino ng konti ang utak mo. By the way, kumakain ka ba ng taho. Ako ay isa sa favorites ko yan whenever I’m in Manila — pero hindi malabnaw at high blood ang utak ko, di paris mo. he he You ask me to wake up? Grabe! Serious! Critical! ha ha gising na ako so I see the dark side of a duterte presidency unlike you and many others. At hindi ako diehard fan kahit na sino. Diehard fan ako ng lahing Pinoy — kasama ka na rin kahit medyo mababaw pag iisip mo at mapanghusga. Peace, cute pa naman nickname mo. … loveya… muahh… muahh!!

      • Thank you 🙂 Alam mo, I used to be actively posting my personal opinions online, especially if there are certain issues like this pertaining to significant political personas. But unfortunately, there are so many one-track minded people in our country, that when you do so, you will be conclusively branded as “biased”, “bayaran”, and sometimes they will call you names such as “tanga”, “ungas”, “bobo”, “ulol” and etc. One time, I defended a person for being called “gago” and “bobo” by one of these one-track minded people. The attack was then diverted to me, and I was branded as stupid and sensitive. They justified it was freedom of speech that made them say things like that. And I was like Wow!!! Can’t we practice freedom of speech without being so sarcastic? Sadly, we still have so much to learn 😦

  9. I could have simply believe you on this article and I wish it’s that easy. But this article to be specific is a clear one sided conclusion. I wish it wasn’t but it is.

    • Hi Marie, I’m simply using plain and simple common sense here plus my journalistic experience. On top of all, I’m driven by my love of country, our only country plus my loved ones there. Just think of yourself and your loved ones there. What will happen to you and to them and daily food for your family if the economy of our country is wrecked because of a bumbling president like duterte? Masisikmura mo rin ba iboto ang isang tao na may 2.4 billion pesos sa bank accounts niya compared to a monthly salary of 78,000? Simple arithmetic lang ito. Saan galing ang sobrang laking perang iyon? If duterte doesn’t answer this question, can you still trust the guy? I care so much for our country and my 2 kids there and my siblings there that’s why i’m doing my share to try and stop the forces of evil as epitomized by duterte. I’m sure iisipin mo bayaran ako. Sorry, i earn hk dollars here and i have 2 jobs so i don’t need anyone to pay me. Hindi rin ako diehard fan ninuman — it’s just my patriotic duty to see what i believe is best for our country. warm regards, jun

    • Marie, there is such a thing as plain and simple common sense and logic. I initially like Duterte, but soon changed my mind after making a critical analysis of his all pronouncements. I formed my own personal views on what he stands for and i realized that will become a strongman/dictator when elected who will mesh up our economy and our lives instead of doing good to everyone. As a veteran journalist, i am constantly required by my work to do critical thinking and analysis, lest i lose my job if i’m incompetent in a highly competitive international city like hong kong where i am now. Yes, I am biased against Duterte coz I am biased in what I believe will be best for our country and its people,including you and your loved ones, as well as my 2 kids.

  10. Sir Jun…thank you! Bsta thank you… Bangayan dito….dyan… Sus…bingi na bingi na ako….kng si duterte ang mahalal…. Dyos ko Lord…. Sana pakinggan ni Lord ang panalangin ko at mangibabaw ang kabutihan sa kasamaan!

    • Mam Cheche, Gaya mo binging bingi na rin ako at malolokah na yata akoh! he he Kung si Duterte mahalal ay samahan kita mag abroad! Sa Africa o sa Mars o sa Pluto…. pili ka at samahan kita …. he he … Pero baka mabisto ng DDS niya balak natin e ibulong mo na ng private sa akin sa jchk94@yahoo.com kung saan kita samahan sa abroad na magtago tayo kasama mga pets mo …. he he … ingatz

  11. The filipinos and majority of the voters took this issue as a desperate act of Trillanes to ruin the image of Duterte after their triggered issue of rape didn’t succeed in ruining the image of Duterte with the majority of the Filipino voters which in fact brought and made Duterte lead more in the surveys.

    As long as Trillanes can not substantiate this claim, Duterte’s popularity will never be affected but instead this will bring more sympathy and turn more voters for Duterte to win specially now that it’s only week before election.

    The list of these transactions does not prove that these were entered in the name of Duterte. These are merely figures that in every election campaign in the Philippines are propagating as a hopeless and desperate act of politicians who are desperate to win the elections like Trillanes, Roxas, Poe, against a very popular, low level politician like Duterte who are love by the common poor Filipinos.

    The poor and lowly filipinos have already experienced enough neglection under the governance of these politicians who belong and are only concern on the well being of the middle and upper class citizens of the country. The lowly and mostly majority of the citizens has seen and are awakened of the fact that a leader coming from the family of middle and upper segment of the society will do them no good but only neglection on the plight of their daily existence.

    The filipinos wants change, development, and most specially a life free of hunger for their family like the farmers in Kidapawan and the typhoon victims of Yolanda, the plight of the citizens being neglected by the ruling elitist party and politicians like Trillanes, Poe and the rest.

    • You spoke about the poor Kidapawan farmers. Have you experienced living in a poor farming community like what i have done na madalas walang ulam kundi gulay lang at sabaw at kanin? Just think — how many sacks of rice, dried fish, chickens, clothes for farmers’ kids, medicine in public clinics in barangays and barrios can 2.4 billion pesos buy? If your duterte really cares for the poor in a genuine and sincere manner, hindi siya dapat maging ipokrito na palabas na mahirap at may malasakit sa mahirap pero yung bulsa pala niya ay bilyon bilyon ang laman. And do you really think gawa gawa lang ni Trillanes yon e wala naman siyang pag asang manalo for VP? Don’t you think some bank staff themselves may have been responsible for leaking out those documents even at the risk of losing their jobs but they still did it because they hate the idea of having another corrupt president? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Very simple. Common sense lang need dito na simple lang. How come Mar (whom i may not even vote) was never involved or accused in corruption? By the way you write, I can sense you are well educated and intelligent. Please use these qualities more by thinking and analyzing things more deeply and intelligently. warm regards. Frankly, i have much higher regard and respect for the likes of trillanes, poe and others because they’ve never been involved in alleged corruption, they speak decently unlike duterte whom i hope your children will not emulate and they don’t go around in public forums labeling people as idiots. Please tell me, how can you respect a person like duterte who doesn’t respect people? Is bad manners and bad conduct the legacy that our parents gave and left us? Is this what you would like to promote to your friends and children — bad manners and equally bad conduct, even stealing taxpayers’ money?

      • Grabe, nagsayang ako ng oras basahin ang mga comments mo. Anyone is innocent until proven guilty. Sa mga comments mo, hinusgahan mo na agad si President Digong. Hindi ka na open sa possibilty na fabricated mga documents na pinakita ni Trillanes kasi election time ngayon. I’m a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), and it does not make sense to me yung nakalagay sa statement na pinakita ni Trillanes. Hindi pinakita if the balances are debit or credit. Kasi the figures may cancel each other dahil sa erronoues entries ng bank. Ibig sabihin yung transaction na yun ay zero effect sa current balance nya. Gaya ng sinabi ni Digong.nasa 17k lang laman ng account na yun and nagsabi din mismo ang BPI na walang 211M or mahigit ang napasok sa account na yun. Jun, May talent ka sa pag susulat, pero sana wag gamitin ito sa e mislead ang mga taong uhaw sa tunay na pag babago. Ikaw na mismo agree sa mga magagandang nagawa ni Duterte. Wag ka na sanang mag focus sa Hindi pa napatunayang accusation sa kanya at sa mga pagkukulang nya. May mga reasons bashers mo sa pag defend kay duterte kasi naniniwala kami sa kanya. 🙂

      • Rj don’t read my articles if you don’t want to. I’m not forcing you. Despite imperfections in TRILLANES’ documents, they achieved 2 major indisputable things:
        1) Duterte was forced to admit his hidden bank accounts
        2) his refusal to reveal history of transactions in his bank accounts strengthens suspicions he has ill gotten wealth and may be corrupt like Binay.
        If u don’t understand these 2 things, uto uto KA gaya NG marami. Wise up and reduce your gullibility and naivete. Kung Ako gf mo e IWAN AGAD Kita coz Mahina kukote mo!!

  12. You have made a series of comments and allegations in respect of Duterte, based on assumptions that you are making on the tabulations at the beginning of the article, that refer to “bank deposits and transfers”..

    At this moment in time, you are commenting having made the assumption that your understanding of the tabulations is correct.. Sadly you are erroneous, as is the person who carried out the process of tabulation..

    I suggest that you attempt to analyse the tabulations more closely..

    No doubt, when it suits Duterte, an explanation will be forthcoming..

    • Hi Paul, Thanks for your incisive comments. I agree with you completely that the tabulations presented by Trillanes are still far from ideal and complete. But clearly, you can walk out of your office one day bringing with you original copies of the financial statements of your employer — if circumstances permit you — and then pass them on to a third party. The fact that Trillanes now in his possession documents that incriminate Duterte reflect that those documents must have come from somewhere — probably including certain bank staff who risked getting sacked but who opted to leak documents to reveal to everyone that Duterte is a crook like binay. The paper trail that Duterte left behind can be very very damaging to his bid for the presidency! If and when AMLAC and the Ombudsman subpoena bank documents, like what AMLAC did with Binay & associates’ 200+ bank accounts, many things will clear up. Let’s consider an imaginary scenario here. If you own a company and you have dark secrets, and if you know that your stiffest business rival got hold of bank and other documents that will reveal to the public your dark secrets, what defense or even offense can you mount in this kind of catch-22 situation?

  13. kung makasabi ka ng statement na nilalagay mo si Duterte at Binay na may bilyones. Di pa nga napapatunayan pure hearsay pa nga lang and speculation leads me to think you are behind one on their opponents. Mabuti pa lumantad ka na lang kung sino bina-back upan mo. Kahit gaano pa kaganda or convincing yung dokumento di pa rin ito kapanipaniwala. and walang circumstantial evidence pure speculation. Pero kung makahirit ka e painwalang paniwala ka na. Biased much! Pfft I feel I just wasted time and energy in commenting on this worthless blog. Epal lang ang dating nakikisawsaw. I-bida mo na lang kung sino manok mo. If wala tumahimik ka kasi saling pusa ka lang bwiset! Bwitre! eto is sterotype mo rin ako #DU302016

    • Hearsay and speculation??? he he Come on, Dencio. I’m sure you’re more intelligent than this. Ako nga college drop out lang e nakikita ko mga tinatago ng mga veteran pero bolerong mga pulitiko e ikaw pa kaya. I question the leadership qualities of mar roxas and see grace poe as inexperienced but with a strong character and leadership qualities that she clearly showed as chairman of the Mamasapano public hearings in the Seante. Toss coin ako sa kanilang 2. As for hearsay and speculations?? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Common saying. Simple common sense lang ito. Panay deny ni binay and soon after, mountains of documentary and testimonial evidence came out in the SEnate and from AMLAC and the Ombudsman cleearly pointing to binay as one of the most corrupt officials that we have ever seen. Tell me — hearsay and specualtions lang ang mga reports at findings ng investigations ng COA, AMLAC at Ombundsman about binay? think very very well my friend

  14. Definitely fabricated… Sa link plng ng page, free website na, siguro kulang ang binayad sayo. If this is really true, sna nsa page n sya ng kilalang news website. Secondly, ung image, i can clearly say it’s all edited. Being a designer for more than 10 years, i can easily notice which one is edited and which one is not. If you have it, show it on live broadcast. Lastly, i admire you being a blogger pero hanggang dyan ka na lang. Gusto mo sumikat, then go! Nakakapang hinayang ang mga pilipinong ganito, ipagmamalaki mo pa na abroad ka at di ka bayaran pero the way you blog, halata ka na. You really do spend your time just to show your irresponsible blogging, how sad. Mark Andrew Ureta, Designer in Dubai

    • Hi Mark, Cartoons ba designs mo jan sa dubai kaya detached ka sa reality sa atin? he he Ano favorite cartoon characters ang drawings mo sa panaginip mo? he he I’m sure you’re an expert in the technical aspects of designs, so best you stick with what you know best. Bopol ka kasi at ignorante at utak taho at toyo at patis when it comes to national affairs e. You’re even insulting me na kulang bayad sa akin. Ungas ka rin at ulol! Tanga pa at ignoramus at natutuhan mo siguro mo design skills mo sa Abu Sayyaf University na panay barbarians ang members! And you again accuse me for doing what i’m doing para sumikat ako? Gago at ungas ka rin talaga!! I can’t use fame to pay for my son’s tuition or to buy fruits or rice in the supermarket here in HK. I’m exposing the dark side of Duterte for the good of our country, including your own children ungas ka! Saan pupulutin ang ina mo o anak kung nasa barrio o barangay at kailangang operahan sa isang public hospital na walang sapat na medical equipment at mga medicine dahil ang pera para sa public hospitals ay ninakaw na ng mayor o governor, gaya ni duterte na may 2.4 billion sa bank account sniya? Think of your own children, mother and other loved ones and go and vote for duterte para malaman mo kung ano ang mangyari sa kanila for being narrow minded and having a pulpol brain that you have. And next time, before you misjudge my character and noble intentions for our country and people, including your own children, maghanda ka ng mas magandang arguments coz tanga ka at ungas at walang kautak utak kahit anjan ka sa dubai na maraming arabong alipin ang trato sa mga pinoy at ibang migrante

      • Thank’s Mr.Jun for your effort and concern with our country, let say hindi nman natin tlaga kilalang personal ang mga 2matakbong sa pagkapangulo ngayon, pero sna mas maging mabusisi at matalino ngayon ang mga kbabayan ntin sa pagpili ng iboboto nila… di porke mdaming supporters at matunog ang pngalan e un n din iboboto. I’am not against any of the candidates, natural puro mgaganda ang sasabihin nila at ipapakita nila. Lahat nman tayo gus2 ng pagbabago pero di ibig sabihin na dhil may isang kandidato ang may hawak ng slogan na e2 e xa na ang dpat iboto! Sabihin ntin na lahat ng kandidato ngayon ay may kahinaan din, ika nga wlang perpektong tao dba! Pero di lahat may kasiraan… un nlang ang pagbasehan sna ng mga botante ngayon… Ung kahinaan e mas mdaling ipagbuti ito kesa sa kasiraan na mahirap na mabura or mabago, dahil nagawa mo e2 base sa pagkatao mo at pag uugali mo! Ganun pa man sino man ang iboto ng bawat isa e nirerespeto ko dhil desisyon nila un! Sana lang tlaga e mas maging matalino pa at wag maging tanga sa pagpili ng iboboto!

  15. Isa lang naman dapat ang gawin ni Mayor Digong dito. Ung hamon nya noong una na pumirma ng waiver eh gawin na nya at ipakita sa lahat na wala syang tinatago o baho. Tingnan ko lang baka manghiram na ng mukha sa aso itong si Trillanes dahil puro bintang lang sya. Nasaan na ung Duterte brand na matapang at walang inuurungan. Bat parang tiklop sa issue na ito at halatang may tinatago eh. Dutertads isip isip din pag may time. Huwag yung nakikiuso lang kayo dahil sikat eh dami may gusto. PLS.GOD HELP THE PHILIPPINES!


    • you think i allow myself to be used by anyone and that i’m a troll? That’s very insulting, Yhel! I do what i’m doing out of my sense of patriotism and love for our country and our people. I don’t want to see a duterte bringing poltiical, economic, social crisis and even civil war breaking out in our country just because of a psychopathic man like duterte fooling many people with his Rambo-like pronouncements pero magnanakaw naman pala with 2.4 billion in his bank accounts. How’s this in response for your insult: Kung ang ina mo o favorite child ay nasa ospital coz need ng operation at walang mga gamot at medical equipment, what would you think and feel after you have voted for someone like duterte who stole 2.4 billion and deprived your mother or child of her precious life? Will you be jumping with joy? think hard, my friend, and next time you insult me, better be prepared when i unleash my anger at you. Hindi muna kita tatawagin ngayon na ungas at ulol for insulting me. next time siguro, Peace, brother….he he … mwahhh!!!

  17. Im a DU30 supporter, I’ve known this man for 2 years. for staying in Davao for 2 yeas as a resident, i’ve seen how davao progress on his leadership. People there are so discipline in abiding in the law for the reason that they respect the mayor there. Now here is my question, If ever those accounts is under his name is really his accounts, does’e it affect his leadership and for the change he can bring to the country in his term? Would it make him a failure leader to the country? What factor that his money can affect his leadership?? and also I’ve read one of your reply to one of your reader that DU30 is DIKTADOR, it may look like he is a dictator to you for because of what you saw on TV or read in the internet, but to tell you DU30 never was a dictator in davao, people RESPECT him that’s why they follow him. RESPECT and FEAR are two different words. 🙂 here are some points you may also consider..

    DU30< Mayor in DAVAO.
    < Created a peaceful and Law abiding people in his micro city.
    < Just visit DAVAO and you will see what Im talking about.
    has a foul mouth
    >BABAERO daw?

    POE Citizenship issue.
    > Lack of Experience(I say it because she is knew to politics and his father has done nothing on national government)
    >COCOLEVE FUND (I hope i type it right) Coco farmers are waiting for this now for years, up until now wala parin.

    BINDAY < done a great improvement in makati (as a mayor)
    i cant understand why he is just letting people see what is already done in makati when he is a mayor, This indicate WALA PALA SYANG NAGAW NUNG VP na sya ng PINAS???
    > Puro “KAMI SA MAKATI” (VP po cxa di cxa mayor ng makati)
    >questionable wealth (makita mo naman sa life style nya at sa pagmamay ari nya) compare to DU30 has Billions? yet nasa mosketero(mosquito screen) natutulog??

    MAR has done nothing but act in the camera that he is this and he is that?
    > FORMER DILG? ALAM ANG DRUGDEN? bakit di nya pina rade nung DILG pa sya?
    >YOLANDA FUNDS.. KINDLY enlighten me the meaning of this. “ANG PRESIDENTI AY AQUINO at isa kang RUMUALDEZ(mali ata spelling ko pero cge lang)”..??

    #DU30. not im a narrow or close minded person, but i want change.

    • Thanks very much for your reply. Yes, all of us want change for the better. I criticize Aquino for not sacking Abaya for the mesh in Manila trains and airports. I’m also skeptical of Mar’s leadership qualities. Grace Poe has limited government experience but she showed her leadership qualities and intelligence in handling the Mamasapano and other major public hearings at the SEnate. If we’re really looking for fresh positive change, toss coin ako kay grace o mar. No corruption allegations against both of them. May takot sa diyos na magnakaw at mukhang mas sincere kaysa kay Duterte na may hidden wealth pala at malamang ninakaw mula sa taong bayan o baka galing pa sa mga drug lords at jueteng lords ang ibang pera. who knows where and how he amassed 2.4 billion. binay on makati, Sorry po. I’m a veteran journalist and i can tell you after doing lots of research and being in manila 3 to 4 times a year na mas maraming benefits na nakuha si binay sa makati in terms of stolen billions than the good things that he has done there. Frankly, i believe duterte will bring a lot of political, economic and social instability to our country. Would you like you, your parents, children and siblings being affected in a big way by instabilities in our country under a Duterte presidency? There are better options than Duterte and i believe they are either mar roxas or grace poe.

      • Hi Lala, Thanks for your short comment. But no thanks. Nakaka insulato kasi comment mo e. Cute pa naman sana ang nickname mo. he he… Konting commercial lang po. If you assume i’m a yellow cult member, u r dead wrong. I question mar’s leadership qualities but he’s corruuption free at hindi nanakawin ang pera ng taong bayan. How’s this in response to your insulting remark: Gusto mo bang matigok ang ina mo o anak mo kung need ng major operation sa public hospital pero walang medicines and right medical equipment coz monies were already stolen big time by a president like duterte with 2.4 billion pesos in his bank accounts? How would feel and what would you think if you find yourself in this kind of personal crisis? duterte ka pa rin and his offer of change? And please please please, I’d like to assume you are more intelligent than misjudging people like me. Have you ever thought what kind of change Duterte is proposing? Did you try thinking deeply, critically and comprehensiviely what kind of change he is advocating and what kind of character he has? Kung di mo nagawa ito at kung di mo makaita ang qualities ng ibang candidates e medyo mababaw kang mag isip.

      • Your welcome, I understand your point of view and your stand for your own vote, When we say “fresh positive change” that means trying something different from the usual. Grace Poe is has limited government experience which we both agree, I wont even toss a coin to Grace for the same reason “LIMITED EXPERIENCE” and where is the change in poes platform she will just continue the same government, and i dont think a woman like here to lead a country wont do any good for the country, she might be eaten by those beast sitting in the government because of her LIMITED EXPERIENCE. Mar Roxas, Your skeptical of his leadership qualities, why would you toss a coin to some one whose leadership skills is questionable? “Would you like you, your parents, children and siblings ” to suffer the same thing your suffering now? do you really think Mar would make a huge change for the country when he will just try to continue what Pnoy started? Mar Roxas has clean record regards to corruption as you mentioned but he is also been sitting in the government for decades now, what did he do? only publicity, no corruption you said? WHERE IS THE YOLANDA FUNDS NOW??????? is it gone with the flood???
        both of them dont have issues like hidden GOLDS(wealth) for the reason no one tries to expose those allegation because Mayor Dutertes camp is not doing black propaganda to win.. Your a VETERAN journalist.? i don’t think so.(not to insult you, just an opinion based on your answer and your post). Your not paid right? your just letting our country men see your point of view, A veteran journalist should have fair view on every candidates. now why im a supporter of DU30? and we are not lazy as you labeled us, that “D supporters are just lazy”. DU30’s platform is FEDERALISM its completely different from the current government now, this is what you call CHANGE. DU30 is EXPERIENCED PUBLIC SERVANT wanna see the result? GO to DAVAO. .All you have in mind in regards to political, economic, and social instability in the country is just a theory. oh please DU30 having billions??? of money?? while he strugle to sleep in his mosqueto net. in a small house?? His Leadership will bring us to peace and clean country, away from drugs, a safe country.

        GOD FEARING??? ROXAS and POE??? yes they maybe god fearing in the front of camera and always be the good guy in the front of camera.
        DIGONG??? mapag murang TAO.. walang kinakatakutan,, kasi totoo tao sa sarili at walang tinatago, at hindi mapag pang gap. kasi may camera. 🙂

        di kita kinokonvins pero. maging patas ka naman sa pagiging journalist. 🙂 trabaho mo yan eh.na nasa gitna ka lang lagi.. :))))

  18. Just eating chips while reading comments at yung mga sagot mo sa kanila Sir Jun. Everyone is entitled to say whatever they want to say kaya lang please BLOG NI JUN CONCEPCION TO RESPETO NAMAN!

    • Thanks Karen. Naku! Sana e di ka nabulunan sa sagot ko sa taga Dubai! ha ha Ininsulto pagka babaeh ko at puring wala ng dangal sa putikan! Ipinagtanggol ko tuloy ang aking puri — kung ano man yon. .;.. ha ha… Frankly, I don’t expect much from diehard D fans if they’re too lazy to use their brains. But as u can see, I don’t give any quarters to anyone who bash me for no apparent reason. I can be logical, sober and reasonable with equally reasonable people even if we disagree with our views and opinions. But those who insult me without valid reasons will get what they’re looking for. And i’ll keep on writing what I believe will help our country and all Pinoys. I believe that D will bring major political, economic and social instability in our country. Ping Lacson even mentioned the possibility of civil war breaking in our country in case D wins and in case he meshes up our country’s affairs. But thanks for your concern Karen. Teka as a token of appreciation, can i send you a box of chocolates or even simple boquet of flowers. Saan ko ba pwedeng ipadala kahit via email? Email add ko nga pala e jchk94@yahoo.com May tanim kasi akong ampalaya and the yellow flowers are really very very pretty…. he he…. Warm regards kung nasaan ka man.

      • Good day Jun. Pasensya na at gusto ko lang makisingit sa exchange nyo ni Alfie para malinawan naman ang mga hindi nakakaintindi how different government agencies work.

        In times of crisis like an earthquake or a typhoon, the two most important agencies are the DILG (Mar) and the DSWD (Dinky). Dahil sa early warnings ng PAGASA pumunta na sila Mar & DefSec Gazmin dun ahead of the landfall.

        The mandated objective of DILG there is to help the afflicted LGUs get back on their feet the soonest possible time. But in order for DILG to fully take over the administrative and executive function of that particular LGU, the mayor must signify it. This is important as it will be viewed as the National Government overthrowing the Local Government because both are executive branches and it would be unconstitutional. Signed documents aside, Mar still helped the LGU kase wala ngang pulis na naka report to maintain order. Wala din city engineers to clear the streets and clean up the mess.

        DSWD on their part is there to help the people. Their job is to see it that the food, water, shelter, etc are given to the needy. They were helped by the DILG because may logistics ang DILG. International donations are all channeled to DSWD. Local donations were either given to DSWD or directly to the LGUs. Wala ang DILG dito. So wala kay Mar ang pera.

        Because of the magnanimity of the task at hand, PNoy appointed Ping Lacson as the rehab chief solely for the Yolanda purpose. DSWD just cannot focus on that alone because they have other mandates.

        Like you, I have seen the evil, wrong and stupid things that had happened. Many donations did not reach their intended recipients. Napolitika ang bigayan sa tao.

        Lastly, maybe others will think bayaran ako ni Mar for doing this. No I’m not. I’m maybe poor but I will never sell my vote. It is a right that I value like life itself. In fact I hated already his leadership quality ever since that SAF44 incident. He was left out and uninformed of the operation. And when the tragedy happened hindi sya nag resign. If I were him, resign kaagad ako out of principle. The only possible reason I can think of as to why he didn’t do that is baka kung nag resign sya mapuruhan at matumba ang administrasyon. He was just playing the good team player role.

        Tnx & keep it up..

  19. Thank you so much Jun Concepcion. Reading all your comments, your responses to rude comments and utterly rude ones, I feel as if a huge stone is off my shoulder. Your words are exactly the same words I would use to counter theirs.
    Thank you so much. I too love this country so much. This is our one and only Motherland, no matter where our feet lead us.

    • Thanks Teresa for your refreshing comment. You must be in Germany as indicated by your surname. Frankly, I won’t give any quarters to anyone who bashes me unfairly and unreasonably — just because of my sense of patriotism. In spite of tanim bala, bulok bulok MRT, etc etc, I can never ever turn my back to our Motherland. that’s why i’ll just keep on writing whle i still have an interest in politics away from my work here in hk. I’d love to touch base with you from time to time to idea exchanges. I can be reached at jchk94@yahoo.com or via FB at jun concepcion with guy playing basketball. Warm rega4ds,

    • Hi there, thanks very much for your comment. I’m unsure if my response to you pushed through or if it was deleted while I was writing you. I hope I don’t appear or sound too barumbado like DUTERTE responding to my BASHERS. But some can really be unnerving to put it mildly. Sorry but not intending to be intrusive, but just plain curiosity. Is your hubby German? Hermann reminds me of one of my favorite novelists in the past — Hermann Hesse. Warm regards

  20. Wow! maypa Simple common sense and logic will come into play here ka pa. Kaya di umuunlad pilipinas dahil sa mga taong simpleng mag.isip tulad mo. Why should be the accused should be the one to prove to the people that he is guilty? Even if the accusations of Trillanes were true then he should file an AFFIDAVIT to prove that his allegations against Duterte were correct. Ohh babato mo sakin kung bakit di kaya ni Trillanes na magFile nang AFFIDAVIT kasi takot siya kasi that is a BREACH OF PRIVACY at matatanggal siya sa senado. If his accusation are really true and his intentions are for the GOOD OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE the hindi dapat siya matatakot na magFILE at matanggal sa senado.

    Simple common sense and logic?? FUCK! parang sinabi mo na rin sa akin na isang CHRISTIAN. Ipakita mo sakin si Jesus kung totoo ba tlaga siya. To see is to believe ka mo.

    • Earl, di mo alam ang “simple common sense and logic”??? Kawawa ka namang bata!! bwahahahahh!!! Di ka ba pinakain ng balde baldeng Star Margarine ng nanay mo noong bata ka??? Ako e bariles na Star Margarine nilaklak ko kaya mas matalino ako sa yo ng di hamak at di pulpol ang takbo ng utak ko — di gaya mo. Simpletons like you should never never step into legalese, lest you display to the whole wide world eithe one of two things — YOUR INTELLIGENCE or YOUR MORONIC IGNORANCE. Filing affidavits is practically useless. So why talk about this? Trillanes has already gave his word that he will quit Senate if he is proven false. That’s a public pronouncement and time has shown that Trillanes is a man of integrity and honor. Trillanes’ revelations are now in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION, not in any legal court na super bagal ang kilos. While it is true under legal tenets that a man should be assumed innocent until proven guilty, questions in the mind of the people how and where duterte got 2.4 billion will exert tremendous pressures on him to explain himself. One of the best ways to do this is to open his accounts to public scrutinty. If he’s got no dark secrets, why fear opening his accounts to public scrutiny. If he doesn’t want to open up, all of us should have very good reasons to ask why he doesn’t want to open up. And also, you jesus to show himself to you. Punta ka sa Abu Sayyaf University at mag aral ka don at baka don mo makita hanap mo. Baka tumalino ka pa kung mag aral ka don. Good luck. Peace brother! ….. he he … muahhhh!!! muahhh!!

  21. Duterte, you think you are untouchable you freaking crook. So you think you can fool the Filipino people? Not all you fool. As you were planning before, retire now. As you may have feared, stress will kill you in the long run.

  22. I never liked him from the start …. and when he started to bad mouth a lot of people , then i am really sure that he is not what i’m looking for and doesn’t belong in Malacanan …….. We cannot convince those who are loyal to him and those who idolizes him …. It’s just a waste of time ….. Let’s just pray that those who are still undecided will not vote for him …. I cannot imagine what our country will look like if He will be President ….. GOD FORBID …..

    • Hi Emilio, Thanks for your comment. Hindi ba 1 + 1 = 3? .. he he… that’s half serious but serious as well. If you take COA findings that hundreds of millions of pesos of taxpayers money were spent improperly in davao city and you add this fresh allegation of 2.4 billion pesos in his bank account against his monthly salary of only 78,000 pesos, what will you think and deduce? That he is corruption free? Think again, my friend

  23. “First off, di ako bayarang blogger coz I have a full time job here in Hong Kong as a sub-editor in one of the English newspapers here plus Sunday sideline co-producing & co-hosting a news-oriented radio show for Pinoys and all English speakers here”.

    Dear Mr.Jun Conception.
    Coz is something only lazy writers would write”.The usage of the same word in a single
    sentence is highly unacceptable when you pride yourself as a sub- editor of an English newspaper.
    For someone whose ​job is to ​check and ​correct writing, especially ​articles in a ​newspaper, before it is ​printed does not reflect on your command in English.

    You might also want to check on your grammar.Just an observation.

    • Thanks steven for your observation. Try responding to bashers who insult you and imagine yourself in an angry mood. I write a mix of English and Pilipino because many do this anyway. And many of my compatriots are more conversant in our native tongue and will understand better what I’m saying in Pilipino. Try reading my blogs and you will observe English as I use it in a formal setting as against an informal setting when I respond to people responding to my blogs, scores of whom are plain stupid and use insulting remarks. And as you make an observation in my English writing, may I also tell you to mind your grammar because you’re a native English speaker and yet you commit mistakes yourself. I can even tighten the construction of some of your sentences so they read better. Cheers

  24. Let’s say totoo ung bank account ni DU30, and then who gives them the right to do that? it is surely against the law, ganun naba ka disperado ung kabila para ilaglag siraan si du30? Nakapunta ka naba sa davao jun? if not try mong bumisit dun, para malaman mo kung ano ung nagawa ni du30 na di kayang gawin ng ibang liderato.. you said economic instability? what the heck.. explain mo nga? at ito masasabi ko sa kandidato mo.. Mar roxas is a pretentious leader. walang anger management., wala nga corruption issues. sa ngayon.!. laglag bala case palpak. wlang common sense. Grace poe. Ginagamit nya si FPJ eh wala naman xang alam. bagohan yes, at walang isang salita? bakit,?? sabi nya She is against death penalty, pero nung debate. nag taas kamay kung sinong agree.porket nag taas kamay si du30 taas kamay din xa. kun baga. sabay sa tama para mapansin ng masa.. sosmaryusep.. I have nothing to say na.. If duterte wins. thats all what matters in the end.

    • John, Mas maganda siguro mas lawakan mo pananaw mo sa national issues sa bansa natin. Pero simula tayo sa personal. Kung ina mo o anak mo ay naospital at need ng operation at mga medicines at mga medical equipment sa isang public hospital, pero nalaman mong walang mga medicines at medical equipment coz yung budget para sa public hospital na yon ay kinurakot na pala ng isang pulitiko gaya ni duterte na may 2.4 billion pesos sa bank accounts niya, how would you feel? How would you think? Why will we elect someone like binay? Sa biglang tingin e mabait sa mga tao pero marami palang hidden wealth. E ano pa matitira para sa mga mahihirap? Saan pupulutin mga anak mo at kapatid kung walang makitang trabaho kung ang presidente ay walang alam sa ekonomiya ng bansa? You talk about common sense. Ang US o GErmany ba na superpowers sa buong mundo ay perfect? Walang government around the world that is perfect. So, I can live with an imperfect leader like mar roxas or even grace poe, but never never duterte na mukhang corrupt at maraming ideas na palpak naman

  25. Hi Jun, thank you for this article. Medyo mahirap nga magdecide kung sino ang iboboto mo kasi parang yung apat na candidates are really doing everything to get the highest position. Anyways, after the 3rd debate and meeting with makati business club where each candidate explained their platform.. nabasa ko kung sino a may mas maliwanag na sagot at plano sa bayan…. i will just keep it a secret.. thanks

  26. Kudos Jun Concepcion!!!
    Sana makaisip mga kababayan naten. . .Pagtatawanan tayo ng mga ibang nation if Duterte becomes president!

    • thanks buboy pero panay bash sa akin ng mga bashers e…. nasisira na tuloy bayuti ko at purih kong wingdang na! Gusto ko na tuloy talikuran ang aking pagkalalakweh!! he ha… but i bash back bashers harder than they bash me kaya ok lang. warm regards, jun

  27. Amazing,he was able to obtain a copy of the bank transaction.What happened to the Bang Privacy Law?Its shld.be done too with the Bangladesh money scam,the Napoles acct.Senators acct. involve in the fake NGOs etc.Those money could be used in building roads,bridges ,schools and install electricity in remote areas so teachers and students can benefit.So anybody who has connection to the bank can just ask for a copy?Arent they breaking the Law too?

    • Hi zennia, I assume some bank staff were bothered by their conscience and risked losing their jobs by leaking documents to Trillanes just to expose that Duterte is just like Binay — a big time crook masquerading as a poor man who is sincere and honest just to win he oresidency

  28. Hi Jun. I just can’t help but post a comment also. I don’t even know where to start or end my takes against Duterte so i will just enumerate things that i believe won’t hurt the feelings of his followers. Lest i’d be misconstrued as a supporter of another candidate.

    1. He plans to eliminate basic math in HS because pahirap lang daw sa students. As an engineer who finished my BSME in 6 yrs (instead of 5. Hehe.) without basic HS math prep, i would have graduated after 10 yrs!

    2. Federalism.. Although it looks good on paper, imagine warlords & king makers in their ‘states’? All these plus the fact that we still need to amend our Constitution and will need a ConCon. What if both houses of congress disagrees? Dissolve both houses & dictatorial na lang?

    3. Solve all criminalities in 3-6 months. Well i wasn’t born yesterday. Bakit? Wala ba talagang natirang crimes, corruptions or drugs sa Davao after 20+ yrs under him? I find that hard to swallow. Okay naman sanang sinabi nya na lang na i will do my darnest with Davao City as Exhibit A. Amin naman natin na kasi na relatively safe nga ang Davao.

    4. Hidden wealth.. Una. The manifesto that he and Alan signed is just a campaign material. Not notarized and poster o cartolina lang. AMLAC and the banks will laugh at you if you bring it to them. Sample ng tama ay yung kina Chiz and Mar.. Simple waiver lang naman needed dito. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire as we all said.

    I could make my list longer. But i will stop na lang baka may magsabi pa sa akin ng bad words… Tnx & keep it up..

    • Thanks Mike for your refreshing and incisive comments unlike a certain degree of bashings which I’ve been getting from morning till right this minute…. ha ha…. But I never shy away from these “friendly” bashers… he he… Mas mahusay kang gumawa ng analysis at magsulat kaysa sa akin. … he he…. Your analysis and insights are crystal clear, simple, sober, logical and not very hard to see and understand. We are a nation which takes pride in education and yet it is clear that we have numerous simpletons in our midst who can’t seem to distinguish between a demagogue and an honest and sincere leader like Roxas and to a lesser extent Grace Poe. How I wish you can write more and share your ideas and views to a lot more people because time is too short. All of us and our loved ones if our country is hit by a combination of political, economic and social crises under a Duterte presidency. Despite repeated bashings that I get, i will continue what i’m doing kahit walang PDAF, envelopes, free loads, free t-shirts, etc… he he … We have only one country and I believe we need to fight tooth and nail for its best interests and all its people, and that includes you and i and all our loved ones. As regards my bashers, i will be bash them much harder than they bash me. Warm regards, Jun

      • I somehow admire on how you discuss details per se of issues with our candidates specifically Digong. To be honest with you, I like his will to change the current situation of which we’re IN right now. Change will come if we start it within ourselves and not solely rely to our leaders.

        On the other hand, I also noticed the inconsistencies with Duterte. Even my relatives tried to listen to one of his events and sad to say that no platforms has been discussed.

        At the end of the day, if we start the CHANGE that were expecting within ourselves, that’s the time we can look forward into something better.

        God bless you!

  29. ..thnksmr. jun concepcion4everythng U believe n wat i believe myself, bt d present situation of ul our presidentiable’s candidates r ul evils n d best thng we can only do nw s2choose d lesser Evil among thn.. d r ul Evil in politic’s..

    • @JunC. Sabi mo napaka-imposibleng gawin ang mga pangako ni Mayor Duterte, naisip nyo po ba na walang imposible kung determinado kayong gawin ang bagay na gusto nyong gawin. In regards to milyones ni Mayor na ibinabato nila ngayon, Hindi nyo po ba naiisip na kung totoo yon dapat wala sa pangalan nya? Billion po ang pinag uusap dito. Nakapunta napo ba kayo sa rally ni Mayor? Sana before election, makadalo po kayo sa lahat nang candidates sa kanikanilang rally, para po maintindihan nyo kung bakit Kay Mayor Duterte madaming naniniwala, sana po magkaroon kayo nang time para masilip mga nagawa at kung bakit mahal sya nang mga tao at hindi lang po yong mga pangit na ipinapakita nang mga ayaw sakanya, para matimbang nyo po kung karapat dapat syang maging pangulo o Hindi. Maraming Salamat po.

      • Hi Chelshy, Agree ako sa iyo at ibang fans ni Duterte na talagang malakas siya. Dahil pagbabago hanap ng maraming Pinoy pero sorry hindi katanggap tanggap sa akin ang uri ng pagbabago na gusto niyang ipatupad. Isipin mo lang ito. Bakit maraming respetadong Pinoy ang hindi gusto siyang maging presidente? Ang head ng mga Catholic bishops, ex-senator Ping Lacson & PNoy. Dahil nakikita nila ang dark side ni Duterte – gaya ko. Sagutin ko ang ilang puntos mo. Yung bilyones umano ni Duterte. Hindi ba’t dati ay hindi natin alam ang mga maraming pag-aari ni Binay? Pero dahil sa mga whistle blowers kasama na si Trillanes ay unti unting nabunyag. “Walang sunog kung walang usok” ikanga, hindi ba? Noong una ay sabi ni Duterte na wala siyang account sa BPI, pero kinabukasan ay napilitan siyang aminin ito dahil nabuko siya. Ayon sa mga dokumentong hawak ni Trillanes ay 2.4 billion ang nagdaan sa account na iyon. At kung meron siyang mga dokumento ay malamang na galing iyon sa mga whistle blowers sa loob ng BPI. Bukod sa malaking halaga ay meron pa raw ibang dokumentong hawak si Trillanes na magpapakita raw ng mga properties ni Duterte. Malamang ay mga bahay sa labas ng Davao. Yes, simple ang bahay niya sa Davao. Pero gaya rin kaya si Binay na marami pang ibang properties na nakatago? Marami rin siyang mabuting nagawa at alam ko rin ang mga iyan. Hindi ako bulag. At paano na ang Commission on Audit findings na 11,000 ang casual employees na ginastusan niya ng P700 million+ pero wala namang mga malinaw na records kung talagang meron ngang ganong karaming casual workers sa city niya ? At paano rin ang report ng TV5 kahapon lang na sangkot ang anak niyang si Paolo sa big time smuggling sa Davao? Hindi pa kumpleto ang iba ibang issues pero may nakikita na akong palatandaan ng big time corruption na kinasasangkutan ni Duterte at pamilya niya. Gaya kay Binay. Mula sa simula hanggang ngayon ay panay ang deny pero ang mga dokumento at mga litrato na lumabas sa Senate hearings ay malinaw na mga palatandaan na sangkot siya sa big time corruption. Yes, we all want changes for the better but is Duterte the right person to initiate the changes? No. I don’t think so. I believe there are others not tainted by big time corruption — like Mar Roxas or Grace Poe — more qualified than him. Maraming salamat sa palitan natin ng opinyon. Warm regards.

  30. I agree with you jun…kung wala kang tinatago…di ka magdadalawang isip na ibahagi ang sagot na nais ng mga taong ( sambayanang pilipino) naghahanap ng kasagutan…yung iba kase..di na iniisip kung ano ang tama at mali…kung sino ang mangako, dun na sila..samantalang di naman sila kilala nung taong sinosoportahan nila…isip isip din pag may time pilipinas…dahil di yan labanan ng mga artista…labanan yan ng magiging presidente ng pilipinas na kung saan eh nakasalalay ang ating kinabukasan…

  31. It looks like a fabrication. The document is not one furnished by a bank. Anyone can easily come up with a schedule like that. If Trillanes wanted greater impact and credibility he should have shown the actual official bank statement or registry that shows all the posted debits and credits. Look at the multiple deposits of the same amounts. Did the depositor receive checks of the same amounts from different people? How could this be possible? Why are the deposits not rounded figures as one might expect for money coming from dubious sources? And the deposits have centavo amounts? Ano ito, loan amortizations? Equal installments? Stange, very strange.

    One more thing. The amounts are huge, frequently transacted and should have been red-flagged way back since for reporting to the AMLC. One must presume that BPI followed procedure and complied with AMLC rules. These deposits happened from September 2006 to December 2015. How come we have not heard of Duterte being subjected to money-laundering charges? This is too big to be kept under wraps for nine years in a country where gossip, scandal and rumor-mongering is a way of life, specially in politics. Why is this coming to light only now in the homestretch to the elections?? Wouldn’t you think the yellows would have brought out this bombshell as soon as Duterte’s candidacy began emerging? If they could pin Binay down so early, why not a Duterte before he generates any momentum?

    Lastly, anything coming from a Trillanes and reported by the Inquirer requires suspension of belief and a deliberate reduction of the use of your intellect. These two cannot be taken seriously and do not even qualify as entertainment.

    • Hi Aldo, Your idol Duterte took TRILLANES very very seriously that’s why he was totally shamed over the past week admitting he has accounts ugh BPI after initially saying it was all fabrication. He was also forced to admit he has P200 million not barya Lang. And he doesn’t want to povide a history of transactions in his accounts by using as an excuse an affidavit he wants from TRILLANES. How many more dark secrets does he have? Can you please ask your idol? As for TRILLANES, I’m sure he’ll kep on digging up some more dark secrets of your idol.

  32. Sumakit ang ulo ko sa kakabasa at kakaisip sa mga sinasabi nyo, iisa lang ang masasabi, MABUHAY KA JUN CONCEPCION, di man kita kilala, saludo ako sa tapang mo. Kay Duterte rin ako dati noong Mayor pa lang siya, iba na ngayon, ROXAS NA KAMI. THANK YOU JUN!

  33. Same mind here. I am having a hard time convincing some of my relatives not to vote for Duterte and Marcos. I resort to praying instead. I feel bad for my country. We have a chance now for betterment and it looks like it is slipping away again. Keep it up Mr Jun Concepcion. Please don’t stop.

    • Maraming salamat Ed, If it will help, please ask them to read my blogs and it may help. Who knows. But please don’t stop in what you’re doing. I get bashers all the time, diehard Duterte fans, scores narrow minded and naive. But others more sober and reasonable and i exchange ideas with them. We only have one motherland and we shouldn’t stop fighting for what we believe is best for our country and our loved ones. Warm regards.

  34. This is plain stupidity. You do have a talent for such writings but the contents are nothing but just plain assumptions. First of all, those are not official bpi statements. Anyone can make their own spreedsheets. :v Digong already dared trillanes to provide an afidavit stating when, where and how did he get those informations and for what purpose so he can sign the waiver for proper procedure. Trillanes’ response: “Wag nyo kong paandaran ng rule of law na yan”. :v We obviously know who really is dodging bullets. And for you, you’re just reinforcing your hate. Dont waste your talent my friend.

    • Hi Pingx, If you find my writings plain stupidity, then don’t read them, stupid, moron and hare-brain! I’m not forcing anything on you and you can focus on playing games or f–ng yourself! I don’t give a f–k about you anyway! But let me respond to your f–ng moronic observations. Of course, the initial documents in Trillanes’ possession may not be original BPI statements. But if you’re a bank employee who wants to leak out dark secrets about Duterte or Binay or the late Corona, will you be f–g stupid to give original documents that might get you sacked? Of course not! But whistle blowers are doing a fantastic job everywhere in the world!! Recent case is the Panama scandal which implicated some world leaders and top businessmen, including those in the Philippines. Trillanes is too smart for Duterte even if he’s a veteran lawyer while Trillanes is not. Why will duterte invoke the law at this time to force Trillanes to disclose his info sources? Duterte doesn’t care about legal niceties most times through extra judicial killings. He invokes the law and asks Trillanes to sign an affidavit because he knows that Trillanes won’t betray his sources. He asked for an affidavit coz that’s his f–ng excuse for not disclosing all transactions in that BPI account which transacted a total of 2.4 billion throughout the years. Same thing as binay. It took AMLAC to fully disclose Binay’s mind boggling financial dealings. Same with duterte, stonewalling. No, I’m not wasting my talent, my friend. But next time you write me, please make sure you make more sense than what you have written. And before you describe my writing plain stupidity, look at yourself in the mirror first — so you see who are you describing, ok. Peace man, muahhh, muahhh!! … he he

  35. Hi Jun. I find your blogs sincere honest and full of logic. How come a man like you works for another country. We need more of you here. I hope your children will grow with senses like you. By the way, may God find your ex wife’s way back home. I mean her ‘home’ without conscience (for leaving her children to a good man, a great man).

    • Hi Sheryl, Thanks for your gracious and medyo mabola na reaction. Grabe ka naman Sheryl, akala ko new friends na tayo? E pag anjan ako e di tiyak paktay agad ako coz super dami na mga Duterte bashers ko!!… ha ha… Kaya nga luto na lang ako ng pansit at tinda ng taho dito sa HK e!.. he he… But on a serious note, I’m able to do this somewhat lonely & thankless “missionary” work of helping educate voters on the best choice of our next president even if I’m here in HK. I’m also able to help Pinoys in HK and in different countries through my Sunday radio program here — Pinoy Life in HK (Facebook) — which you can listen to even using your cell. And frankly, I’m sure you and many others are also helping our country, our only motherland, improve further from what it is now. Also, I travel back to Manila at least 3 to 4 times a year coz I don’t want to miss the fun — getting stuck perhaps in MRT or LRT and walking to the next station!…. ha ha … or eating out & watching a late movie in Greenbelt! How I always miss being home! And seeing and feeling the all too familiar Pinoy setting — kahit yung cell ko ay nakatago sa dulong dulo ng aking bayong! At ang pera kong pamasahe ay nasa medyas ko o stockings, ehe, mali yata yun a! he he. . . When the election fever is gone, we can perhaps exchange ideas, even livelihood which I promote among OFWs, and you can perhaps drop me a line or two at jchk94@yahoo.com Maraming salamat uli sa pagsulat mo.

  36. saludo po aq sau jun c malaking bagay po ang blog mo para matauhan un mga taong nagbubulagbulagan, mga taong hanggang ngaun e tulog pa din sa kangkungan sana sa mga sulat mo e mabuksan ang isip ng bawat pilipino sa katotohanan dahil pag si mayor duterte nanalo kawawa po ang mga pilipino kawawa po kaming mga kabataan.. tulad nga po ng sabi ni alan on bank waivers ” if the candidates have nothing to hide, they’ll have no problem signing the document. But if they refuse to sign, they not only betray their sincerity in fighting corruption but also put to serious question how much they have accumulated and the source of their wealth.diba po madalas nila sabihin sa debate o tv ads aksyon agad? bkt ngaun my lumabas na isyu kay mayor duterte bakit hnd nila magawa aksyunan agad simple pirma lang hnd magawa? hnd po ba nkakapagduda kung malinis ka at walang ka tinatago hnd ka magdadalawang isip pumirma.natatandaan q din po mayor duterte na nag pledge po kau at pumirma na nagsasabi anytime anywhere pwd mkita un bank accounts nyo san na po ung “willingness” ngaun kayo na po ang nasasankot sa isyu? isa lang masasabi q kay mayor duterte wala ka pong “palabra di honor” period. ty po Mr. Jun C sana pahintulutan mo po aq i share ang mga sulat mo para khit papano e makatulong po aq imulat ang mata ng mga tao bulag sa katotohanan mga taong sunod sa uso na kun sino un trending na kandidato e un din ang kanilang iboboto.maraming salamat po uli Renan Alcantara po Ordinaryong Pilipino na may Malasakit.

    • Maraming salamat sa sulat mo Renan. yes, share mo lang sa iba ang aking blogs at baka makatulong tayo. Gaya mo, ordinaryo lang akong mamamayan na may malasakit sa ating bayan at hangad lang ay maging payapa at maayos ang lagay ng mga mahal natin sa buhay. Kahit na sino pa iboto natin basta wag lang si Duterte at Binay. Pareho silang sangkot sa corruption sa aking paniwala at may sinusulat na uli ako ngayon ukol sa corruption. Maraming salamat uli.

  37. Ang talino ni jun…. parang pwede namang ilabas ang document na yan na hindi malalaman nino man…at pwede gawin yan kahit sino….wag muna kayong mang husga….

    • Bong, tinutukan mo ba ng balison ang gf o mrs kaya ka sinagot? Ang hina yata ng diskate mo, pre, a!…. he he…. Bopol ka ba o astig?… he he… Ang dali dali lang ng diskarte e di mo pa naisip na 1 + 1 = 3?…. ha ha… Kung ikaw ay nagtatrabaho kahit saang kumpanya e gawa ka lang ng paraan para puntahan ang accountant o kung sino man na may hawak ng financial statements ng kumpanya. Magdala ka ng merienda at sabihin mo lang na palibre mo coz tumama ka ng 2.4 bilyon sa Lotto gaya ni Duterte! Konting bola bola at sungkitin mo ilang papeles na makita mo! Gaano kahirap dumiskarte at magpuslit ng papeles? … O baka naman ikaw ang tinutukan ng kutsilyo ng gf o mrs mo coz mukhang mahina ka sa diskarte? …. ha ha

  38. Jun C. Common’ man! Ang dali mo naman yatang bentahan basta magaling sa salestalk ang salesperson? Comming from ur own mouth bolero mga pulitiko and we can both agree with that. Let’s just ommit the debates and their words here. Let us judge them according to their deeds. Let’s make Davao as Duterte’s “Excibit A ” and Yolanda and other Tasks twas’ given Mar’s?

    • Come on Geoffrey, don’t insult my intelligence. Do you think I’m easily fooled like you? Of course not! I use my coconut to think critically, deeply and comprehensively — unlike you! I’m no big fan of any politician. Sure, Duterte has done good things in Davao city where I’ve been to. Sure, Binay also constructed a new hospital and university in Makati and gave away free cakes and movie passes to old people. But he stole billions of pesos from Makati people. Did you ever look into the dark side of Duterte? Did you know that the Commission on Audit questioned him why he hired 11,000 casual workers, paid them over P700 million but he failed to show a complete list of all 11,000 casual workers with their signatures for their monthly salaries? I bet you didn’t know this because your view may not be wide enough. Please read up, man. Good luck.

  39. To Mr. Concepcion, your choice is your choice, our choice is to try Duterte to lead the country not because we are stupid because we long have lived in the most safest city in the philippines. He is 71 years old already his remaining days are no longer to gather money anymore but to see the big change he could offer in this country. To filipinos who think like you are the reason why this country remained to be raped by its own government, you choose the elite, the soft spoken, and just be contented of the life you have now. This is just the same as kung mabaho na ang kilikili mo at sanay ka na sa putok mo hindi mo na maamoy kasi sanay ka na sa amoy putok mo. Pero ang nakapaligid sayo amoy na amoy ka dahil habang tumatagal bumabaho ng bumabaho pa. We are not convincing you sir, but i guess you need to respect our choice that its not just his qualification that makes him fit for the position but he has shown us love taught us to love our city the reason we davaoenos cares for our fellow citizen, we care of other people belongings, we help each other who shouts help, we do not lust other peoples things thats why we are free to wear our jewelries and use our Cp in public without the fear someone would grab it. Our kids are safe in school, free from drugs, rape and kidnapping. Our home is safe frim burglars, our street are safe even late night. Our taxi drivers are respectful and honest. Our city is smoke free and we have a clean city. only stupid people litters around so even our kids keeps their candy wrappers on their pockets. Our discipline is caused by LOVE and never because of fear!

    • Thanks Joy for sharing your positive experience there in Davao. I fully respect your views and that of his numerous supporters. I fully agree with you that many clamor for change and that they see him as that implementor of changes that they would like to see. I’m no blind follower of any candidate. My only blind loyalty is to our motherland and to see our loved ones live in peace and harmony. However, I respectfully disagree with your view that Duterte is the best choice as our next president. Just like the head of the Catholic bishops, PNoy, Ping Lacson and many other respected leaders in our society, I see a dark side in his brand of leadership after hours watching and listening to his public speeches before the start of the campaign period. The biggest problem that I see in Duterte is while he does positive things in Davao, he may have enriched his family big time as indicated by the evolving Trillanes disclosures, just like what happened in Binay’s case. Whistle blowers & efforts of Trillanes eventually resulted to mountains of documentary and testimonial evidence of how greedy and corrupt the binay family is. Of course, the Binays built a hospital and university for makati citizens along the way and gave away free cakes and movie passes to seniors. The Binays did good things but enriched themselves big time along the way. While Trillanes’ disclosures are not yet solid, here’s what’s solid — Commission on Audit questions on Duterte’s hiring of 11,000 casual workers who were paid over P700 million. Key COA questions: Why was there no complete list of all 11,000 workers? Why were there no records of hours they worked and signatures for each one? How many ghost employees were there if any? And what shocks me in his proposed changes — public execution of criminals! I had been a student activist once and I have seen before me violence and deaths. But I remain a God-fearing person and I won’t be able to stomach one public execution after another. Can you? Warm regards

  40. Jun C. Nakakatuwa ka sana maging politician ka nalang din para lahat ng tao lalu mong maituwid ang landas forsure hindi ka mangungulimbat kasi mukha ka naman matino eh. he he he he sana net time lumaban ka sa politics. .. balitaan mo ako ha 0932-857-4557

    • Thanks Mr Bisnar for your gracious comments. Pero sorry po. Hindi po tayo pwede sa pulitika. Paktay agad ako kahit barangay captain takbuhan ko…. he he… Nakita ko at naramdaman ang hirap ng buhay ng mga rice farmers at workers sa sugarcane fields sa Negros at nakikita ko ang mga sidewalk vendors sa Pasay o Quiapo at mga pamilya na nakatira lang sa kariton o underpass sa iba ibang parte ng Maynila. Kaya kailangan natin ng mas mahusay at matinong pamahalaan. Maraming nagawang mabuti ang PNoy administration, pero marami ring kapintasan gaya ng tirik tirik na MRT at LRT dahil sa corruption sa DOTC kung saan ayaw niyang sibakin si Abaya na LP president. Pero merong dark and fearful side ang mga pagbabagong isinusulong ni Duterte kaya ako nagsusulat. Gaya mo at ako at lahat ng Pinoy, mahal natin ang ating inang bayan para sa ating mga mahal sa buhay. Kaya nakakalungkot kung magkamali tayo sa pagpili ng susunod na presidente. Maraming salamat sa inyong panulat. Warm regards.




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    • Hey Rovie motherf–er, ungas, gago, ugok, unggoy, tanga, ulol, utak lamok, scum of the earth, anak ng prosti at abu sayyaf! Teka, did I forget anything?… he he…Ah, egok na yung gf e tinonting ng best friend mo!… Grabe! Serious! Critical! Emergency! bwahahahahah!! Wawa ka namang bata ka! What’s your problem, kid? Looks and sounds serious, I can sense from your foul language. Want me to help shoot you in your ass, your barangay chairman or your brain? Just tell me, brod, and I will help you out. You see, I show passion and mercy to lost souls like you. If your gf left you because of your demented and twisted mind, please give me her cell and name and i will cheer her up, bring her to a fancy resto in Greenbelt and take her to her favorite movie. Whadya say, buddy, motherfu—r, gunggong galunggong?…. Peace man… muahhh…muahh… PS… Can you please send me a photo of your gf please? Promise. I’ll keep it a secret… he he

  43. Thats it..!! Because what you can see in duterte’s character and talkings are all negatives for you…if God is really on your side then hayaan natin mangyari at manalo yung pinaglalaban mo na kandidato…because if hindi rin..then accept it…God always have a reason…let trillanes file the case and have the affidavit para magka alaman na…everyone have a story behind..lahat ng kandidato….it depends to us on how we look at the situation. Are we going to have it positively or negatively…as what i can see in you is a negative person…maybe you are smiling but i can see hatred from your heart…so God bless you bro

    • Hi Irene, Because I remain a Christian (although pasaway minsan), I saw the dark side in a Duterte presidency — just like the head of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, President Aquino, Ping Lacson and other respected leaders in our society. Pray tell me — are you able to distinguish between the looming forces of evil as against the forces of good? It’s not hatred that grips my heart and mind. It’s deep love for our country and all its people including people blinded by evil forces epitomized by Duterte. Remember passages in the Bible which speaks about the devil speaking in many tongues? Duterte promises the moon and the stars and many believe him. But can you imagine one of the things that he wants to do? Public executions of criminals!! Just imagine watching this on TV or in your town or city plaza, criminals being publicly executed one after the other. As a God-fearing Christian, is this acceptable to you? How can you possibly make peace with God if you condone such abominable act? Please watch out for my next story about corruption in the Duterte family which I will post tonight.

  44. I have to admit dami talagang ugot at walang utak na mga Dutertards. Hindi nila sasantuhin ang mga issueng ito, bagkos itatago nila ang dumi at corruption ni Duterte. Mga inutil at zombies di kelangan ng utak.

  45. In modern days that technology is so advanced, fabrication of documents is very easy to do. I am not saying I can do it, but ask the IT expert about it. Trillanes is not somebody you can trust. Duterte is leading the surveys and I do not think Filipininos are all gullible to to choose somebody stupid. In our place, they give envelopes to vote a certain candidate. This shows how desperate they are to get the votes so I am sure an issue as big as this can be done by any party just to win. Dirty politics has always been the problem in the country and I believe Duterte is not one of those corrupt officials. Numbers states on that account can easily be fabricated. Ask any accountant and they can answer you the same thing. I respect your opinion so dont call me names but this is a biased post. I will only believe this issue if BPI disclose that this is true. As for what I think, this is just a black propaganda and regardless what people say to put him down…. Duterte supporters will stay intact because they know what they saw, what he has done, what he is right now.

    • Hi Sam, thanks for sharing your insights. Great that you are unlike scatterbrain bashers who have written me of late. I fully agree with you. With advances in technology, documents can be fabricated easily. But we have seen Duterte initially deny Trillanes’ allegation, but was forced to admit he has an account with BPI after the accuracy of Trillanes disclosure was proven to be true. And please watch in youtube APRIL 29 news if GMA 7 about 41 properties owned by Duterte kids. Key question here is this: did Duterte kids really earned much from their professions or whatever businesses they have to be able to buy so many properties? Trillanes has shown his worth as an anti corruption crusader against binay. Yes I am biased against Duterte after initially tracking his speeches like mad before the campaign period. But I soon realized his dark side. I am biased in favor of a better PHILIPPINES, not for any candidate. Please await later tonight my article on corruption in the duterte family. Yes he has done many good things in DAVAO. But is he another Binay who did some projects but amassed billions along the way at the expense of taxpayers many of whom are poor rice farmers or fishermen orcsidewalk vendors who could have benefited much from monies stolen from them?

    • HEY GINA C, HOW OLD ARE YOU NOW? YOUR FOOLISH REMARK JUST BETRAYED YOUR CHILDISH FRAME OF MIND!! NOT YOUR INTELLIGENCE!! Ha ha ha Sige, don’t read my blogs. I don’t care! Beehhh!! Pikon and intolerant yung Batang isip o! He he he But you may wise up one day hopefully with after consuming large cans of Star Margarine, ahem, ahem, he he so I will say something serious for the benefit of everyone, including you when you get more mature. Rappler is a news organization like Inquirer, Bulletin (where I used to work) and others. They report news. Reporters are just like tape recorders. They report without personal opinions of reporters. I’m like a columnist, expressing my personal opinions and analysis of how I view political developments. I provide analysis so people will better understand what’s happening. So my opinions are my own, biased, yes, because I’m like a columnist, not a news reporter. My next article is about corruption in the Duterte family. I won’t sleep at all if you don’t read my next article. From yesterday until today more than 168,000 people have read my piece in Phils and different countries including of course “friendly” bashers who insult me personally, not my views. So like a good Christian, I dip back to the Old Testament a passage of which says “an eye for eye” so I bash back bashers than they bash me, like your offensive remark tonight. Looks like you’re cute in your profile photo though a bit harebrained. Peace. Love…. Muahhh.. Muahhh…

      • Do you really know what intelligence means and do you think you possess that? I don’t know where you got your information, but the graphic you posted showing alleged credits is not a BPI document. Here http://www.tahonews.com/bpi-denies-confidentiality-breach-after-trillanes-exposed-duterte-bank-account/ Mr. Conception you mentioned that you used to work in Bulletin, Inquirer and others so what happened? Anong naging trabaho mo and why did you leave the job? Did they fire you? Siguro dahil wala sayo yun qualities ng isang mabuting mamamahayag? Dapat honest, neutral at unbiased ka diba? May integrity, accurate, empathetic ano pa ba? O baka naman di ka naging competitive kasi siguro puro palpak ang report mo? Basahin mo kasi ito oh http://www.tahonews.com/bpi-denies-confidentiality-breach-after-trillanes-exposed-duterte-bank-account/ baka sakaling malinawan yang madilim mong utak. Don’t claim to be a good Christian. Old testament yan may new testament na po! Sabi sa bibliya, Romans 12:19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times? “Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” Matthew 6:14-15 NIV

        For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. At bakit judgmental ka? Kung sa tingin mo matalino ka eh di sige sayo na lahat! Aanhin ko naman yan talino kung wala akong friends at lahat ng tao di ako pinaniniwalaan at lahat kagalit ko! Siguro gusto mo lang mabenta yan website mo at alam mong maraming supporters si Duterte kaya kinakain mo nalang mga sinasabi mo tinan mo baka machoked ka. Kikita ka parin naman ang website mo kung puro katotohanan lang at kabutihan ang ipost mo at tiyak mas pagpalain ka ni Lord at magkakaroon ka pa ng kapayapaan. Sabi mo di ka matutulog baka mabaliw ka nyan. Peace din sayo Sir! Good luck na lang sa lahat ng desire mo.

      • Hi Gina, Thanks for heeding my advice by eating lots of taho!! It expands intelligence cells — believe me, just like what I do! Ha ha ha I see you like tahonews very much in keeping with your health food — taho that will make u more intelligent! What a happy coincidence! Ha ha ha I wasn’t fired by the Bulletin — I left to sell taho here in HK! He he Teka, akala ko di mo ma ako babasahin? Aba, aba, gumagaya mo ba yata paiba iba Isip mo gaya ng idol mo about his bank accounts. Di ko tuloy MATAPOS Tapos itong sinusulat ko about corruption in the family e. Can I email a Big Mac meal there? Para di ka naman asar sa akin. At please Bible passages!! Grabe! Baka masunog ako jan!

      • PS Ana, wala akong binebenta dito sa Wirdpress na free website. I tried selling myself sa mga bumbay na naubusan ma ng Payong at kulambo sa Bulacan PERO Sabi sa akin e bilasa na raw ako kaya walang buyers sa akin. Remember I told you I sell taho here in HK? Jan kita ko not from any website

      • pag diehard dutiti mahina ang pick-up. nandiayan na nakadilat lahat na ebidensya laban sa tagong yaman ni dutiti at mga real property acquisitions, nagbubulag-bulagan pa rin.

  46. Ako, from the start I knew something’s not right with this DUTERTE guy. Hindi nga ako nagkamali, now he’s been unmasked to be a FRAUD! Truly, by his fruits you will know him. But the worst thing is, his supporters are still betting on him to be their Messiah despite everything that’s been coming out about him. I don’t know if they’ve been hypnotized or a virus has infected their brains which destroyed their ability to see reason and logic.


  48. Hi Mark, pahiya Manok mo this week di ba? Ilang beses nga ba? Ha ha Pahiya siya coz Trillanes documents on existence of those accounts were true. And didn’t Duterte admit he has P200 million instead of just 17,000 to 50,000? And asking TRILLANES to execute affidavit? Ha ha Trillanes is no fool to betray his information sources who are giving him damning documents against Duterte. And let’s see how you react to my latest blog about questionable money dealings in the Duterte family.

  49. Mark, let’s use a little common sense here ok? TRILLANES wants history of transactions — not simply opening of account with balance almost emptied!! If your salary is deposited into your bank account and you withdraw it in one go, of course wAla Ng laman yan by the time it is opened to scrutiny! Common sense Lang. Read my latest blog on questionable money dealings in the Duterte family.

    • Mr Jun bfor u posted it there patingin u muna s mga xperto ,my kaibigan k bng taga bangko patingin mo, for sure mapapahiya ka..maraming copy paste!!! Maraming error!!! I wonder pano ganyan khalatang peke ay maraming nauto c trilliones..kayo ang sarado ang utak!👊

      • Hi Gina, kung sarado utak KO e bakit admit NI Duterte NA MERON siyang MGA hidden bank accounts? And why is he refusing to give a history of transactions in his bank accounts if he doesn’t have ill gotten wealth as alleged by Teillanes. Please wise up. Please don’t allow a demagogue like Duterte make a fool of you.

  50. Good day Jun. I really have to post a comment again. Pagbukas ko ng emails ko andaming galing sa comments sa blog mo. Hehe.. Marami talagang hindi nakakaintindi how our different government agencies function. Yesterday I posted an interjection sa exchange nyo ni Alfie regarding sa tanong nya kung saan na ang Yolanda donations/fund wherein he was pointing to Mar as “the thief”.

    As I’ve pointed out kahapon, there are two government agencies that are the frontliners when a calamity strikes. One is DILG (Mar) and the other is DSWD (Dinky).

    DILG’s main function is to help the LGUs get back on their feet the soonest possible time. In the case of Tacloban, where the damage to the LGU is so severe that practically it cannot function anymore without the help of the National Government, needed na talaga mag step in ang DILG. They no longer have policemen to maintain order. Wala na ring city engineering to clear the streets to make them passable. Sira halos lahat ng equipment nila. But in order to do this legally is for the Mayor to signify. Otherwise it will be viewed as overthrowing of the Local Government by the National Government. Dagdag mo dyan the fact na the president and the mayor belong to different political clans. Even though ayaw ni mayor tumulong pa rin ang DILG. Alangan naman pabayaan na lang ang mga tao dun. Mar stayed there for 16 days to do that.

    DSWD’s mandate is to help the people. They are in charge of distributing food, water, meds, shelter, etc. Together with the DILG, which have the equipment and help provide security to insure the safety of the rescuers/volunteers and the victims, were able to do their jobs.

    All international donations in cash or in kind are channeled to DSWD and not DILG. Local donations, as well, are with DSWD but most of the times sa afflicted LGUs na mismo binibigay. So wala kay Mar ang pera o control ng disbursement ng pera. I will provide the link para substantiated ko naman.. http://www.gov.ph/2015/09/14/yolanda-donations-for-aid-and-rehabilitation/

    Because sa laki ng pinsala at DSWD also has other things in their mandate, PNoy appointed Ping Lacson as rehab chief. His only task is to help rebuild the communities. I think I saw in YouTube how he was praised by the international community, NGOs and others for a job well done.

    Again, as I have stated yesterday, I am not a Mar Roxas bayaran. In fact I hate his “leadership quality”. When SAF44 incident happened he was uninformed and left in the dark by PNoy and the PNP higher ups. If I were Mar I would have resigned immediately. Sadly he did not and is seen as weak.

    Like you sir, I just want the people informed. They can vote for whoever they think is best for our country.

    Tnx & keep it up..

  51. It’s a clearly fabricated. Common sense how can he put that money on his account name…And go for president…Ang hanga ako kay Trillanes ang galing niya…

  52. Duterte is nearing the end of his life and I don’t see or comprehend why he chooses to live a simple life instead of enjoying whatever he has amassed. He can not bring it with him when he dies. His ex-wife has cancer and although they have parted ways, they still have respect for each othet. Why did he not use part of the money for her wife’s treatment? It just doesn’t add up. Also we have an anti money laundering council who are vigilant about spurious deposits, normally if millions are deposited to an account, same amount at that during the vety same day, the bank will surely question it specially so that it is a personal account not a corporate one. My theory is because Duterte’s ratings are surging despite all the negative publicity or black propaganda, his supporters still stand by him so what better way to demolish but to attack him against what he is presenting to the people as one of his platform – anti CORRUPTION. Trillanes documents are spurious as evidenced above, anyone can make spreadsheets like that. Besides any data pertaining to a person is kept safe and confidential until that person authorizes you to do so (data protection act/confidentiality). He said that his source is reliable but when questioned, it came from this person who knows this person and overheard from this person etc. In short it is just hearsay, which in court will hold no water. Trillanes is losing in his candidacy in the VP race so he has to do something to bolster his ratings. The Duterte supporters are in millions in the Philippines and around the world. The current government knows this so they used and convinced him to make an accusation which will make him look like a hero through his expose’. Aquino pardoned him that is why he was released from jail, and having a debt of gratitude + having been granted millions for DAP by Aquino, he was willing to do as Pnoy wishes.
    Like you, i love to read ever since i was able to as a child, i also love to travel and watch documentaries to enrich my awareness and knowledge. I am not from Davao, I happened to marry someone from there. I used to hear so much about Duterte but at that time I wouldn’t care less. I saw how people respected and obeyed the law which at first they did not want (i.e. No smoking, speed limit imposition etc). They saw the benefits of his governance and then I understood why he is respected.
    I respect your choice of candidate, and i know you will respect mine too. All of us want a better country so i hope we enlighten each other with only the truth.
    I do not agree with his foul mouth/language but i believe in the leadership he can provide. Mar is intelligent but he does not have the leadership. In all the cabinet positions he held he has not managed to fix it. He said he went against the big pharmaceuticals but in reality he watered the cheap medicines act which was authored not by him but two other congressmen. He said he saved the pre-need plans where in fact he killed it. There is still a long list that not only i can see but the millions of people who are the victims of the shambolic tuwid na daan. It has so many potholes that caused a bumpy if not dangerous ride for the Filipinos. Only a few will acknowledge that the Philippines has faired better during the Aquino regime but it is only a fassad. Many are still poor, hungry, unhealthy and ignorant. So with there mighty fist they shout enough of the old system.
    The most angelic face with a gift of tongue can hold the most evil of hearts.

    • Hi Ms Quinones, Please read up on warnings given by the Catholic bishops, MIRIAM Defensor santiago, ping Lacson and president AQUINO on the dark side of a Duterte presidency. Do you think they are ordinary critics simply out to discredit Duterte? Ir do you think they discern what many people don’t see in Duterte — the dark side of his leAdership?

  53. We cannot trust a man who is a traitor of the country. A supposed negotiator sent by Pnoy to China resulted nothing and even have given the Scarborough Shoal to the enemies. Trillanes has committed treason according to Senator Enrile. Trillanes has no integrity and pwede maging isang “bayaran” by anyoone if the price is right.

    • Hi there, it is clear to me you don’t read the latest news and you’re unaware of statements and warnings given by the Catholic bishops, MIRIAM Defensor Santiago, Ping Lacson about a Duterte presidency. Please read up and please wise up. Best not to be gullible and naive, lest friends and other people mock your ignorance later on.

  54. Just my two cents. One of the dates specifically November 20, 2010, falls on a Sunday. Let’s just say it’s made through online banking. But BPI has a limit of only 50,000.00 per day. So…. okay.

    • Hi Akia, thanks for your and many people’s observation about a very large transaction on a Sunday. Incredible! I agree. But despite the apparent Sunday error and even other inaccuracies, I can’t help but observe that Trillanes’ imperfect documents scored points on the following grounds:
      1. Duterte at first denied having an account with BPI Julia Vargas branch, but he was forced to admit soon after that he has one in that branch.
      2. Duterte and cayetano signed in March a public declaration, promising to open to public scrutiny their financial affairs. But is he now afraid to open the history of his bank transactions in his 3 bank accounts in Metro Manila cited by TRILLANES? If he has nothing to hide, why can’t he issue a waiver to the secrecy of his bank accounts just like what Mar Roxas and Grace POE has done?
      If we dwell on these questions and look for answers, will be open-minded enough to recognize realities even if they are harsh?

      • Very misleading.. The post/photo said it was Nov. 20, 2010, then another photo said it was Nov. 20, 2011. Trillannes said that the actual date of the transaction was October 20, 2011 and it was not a Sunday.. But assuming the transaction falls on a Sunday, that transaction was possible because it was an interbank transfer: meaning you were not actually withdrawing money from the bank, but was simply moving the money from one account to another of the same person. You can do the transfer online without going to the bank personally, and you can move every penny, even millions from one account to another unrestricted by the P50K limit per day even on a Sunday. Bakit kaya iyong mga Dutiti pilit nilang inilalako ang taong bayan. Buking na humihirit pa!

  55. Hi Mr. JC I’ll cast my vote for duterte this coming May 9 so medyo sarado na ang utak ko. I will vote for him because he wants federalism for our country I want that as well, and I think he can really lessen criminality and drugs. I would agree with everyone that eliminating it is an impossible task. If you will say he is corrupt I am not going to oppose you on that one. All politicians are corrupt. Sino ba ang hindi sa kanila? I bet even Sen. Trillanes is corrupt. These billions of pesos sino ba ang walang ganyan sa kanila? Sa ngayon siguro Milyones pa yong meron sa mga neophyte sa politika pero yung iba I doubted it. Sa akin lang sa blog mo is the hypocrisy that your painting the other candidates as not really that corrupt. I know it’s your blog and it’s mostly your opinion. If I sounded a bit offensive pasensya na po.

    • Hi Joritz, I respect your choice. However, how can you really believe D can reduce crimes across the country if there was a major drug bust yesterday in his city? Drugs remain a major problem in his city!! And federalism?? It sounds good, yes. I’m sure you are very intelligent and you know that Mayors and governors now steal monies in their own kingdoms — away from COA’s prying eyes. With federalism without proper checks and balance, mayors and governors will have more taxpayers’ money to steal. And please read my latest post if you can about the Battle Between Forces of Good and Evil. Thanks

      • 🙂 I’m actually a member of an average thinker Sir, Thank you for the flattery. As I’ve said eliminating crime is an impossible task. No one says that Davao is crime and drug free but at least it is not as scary as other cities and provinces, I would believe this because I have a lot of friends and families who are from davao. By the way I am from bohol sir. Back then, Bohol is a very peaceful place with lesser drug pusher and user. Right now, every sitio in the barangay of our town has 3 – 7 pushers, I’ll go for 7 since that’s the number in our sitio alone, as far as I’ve known. There are also lots of drug related crime in bohol and some were not really reported. Here in cebu, since I work here, is the same. About the mayors, governors & etc.., with more money to steal without proper checks and balance 🙂 maybe those government agencies like COA will have to work 200% so this public officials can not steal that much. With proper implementation I think this can really work well because our form of government right now is also talamak with corruption. We are also spiraling down when it comes to corruption so why not try a new form government. In my opinion sir, with federalism the people within that province can make the public official handling that area directly accountable with the status of their standard of living unlike right now where these public officials would just say we are still waiting for the approval from the capital. That’s what happen when the earthquake hit bohol last october 2013 and until now we are still not fully recuperated.
        P.S. I will read your post “Battle Between Forces of Good and Evil”.

    • Hi Joritz, thanks for your latest comment. Like you, I wish we’re all living in communities free of drugs and crimes. Great to hear that DAVAO city is much better than your place there in Bohol and in many other places across our country. My biggest issue really with DUTERTE is this — based on my critical observations of his statements and actions, he is psychologically and mentally unstable aside from growing indications now that he may have hidden ill gotten wealth. The psychological report used in his annulment attests to his frame of mind. If a person is mentally and psychologically unstable, how can we trust that person to do properly a very, very sensitive and delicate task, specially federalism? We’ve had the presidential form of government since the late 1930s and changing a form of government is very very hard to entrust to someone like DUTERTE. And no, I disagree with you, you are no ordinary thinker just like what you claim. No flattery intended. You are much reasonable and smarter than my BASHERS — whom I bash back if they insult me. We can perhaps exchange ideas more through my email — jchk94@yahoo.com. You can also find me at facebook — Pinoy life on RTHK. I’m now writing another piece entitled — Perfect storm after May 9 election

  56. A question sir if I may.

    Why is there no scenario in which Trillianes was lying in your post?

    All your scenarios are of which Trillianes was right. Can’t a scenario in which Trillianes is wrong also happen?

    • Hi Roy, Of course TRILLANES is not 100% accurate because he is only as effective as the accuracy of dicuments fed to him by TRILLANES. But we have seen Duterte Amit and lose face several times because of TRILLANES’ documents. And now, Duterte doesn’t want to give a history of his bank transactions! So, tell me, who is right and who is wrong in the exchanges between Duterte and TRILLANES? It is now clear as day!!

  57. bobotante in action.. kitang kita sa evidence kuno na copy and paste ang values// at saka ang date of transaction is non working sa banko.. anong klase utak mo kung maniniwala ka dyan..bobotante lang naniniwala dyan

    • Bobotante tawag mo SA akin? Ungas, gago, ulol, bangag, utak taho, utak abo!! Simpleng English NA nga gamit KO e hindi mo pa intindi!! Ungas!! Bobo!! Enroll KA ngA SA Abu Sayyaf College para madagdagan toyo mo SA noo!! Your idol was forced to admit he has bank account with BPI despite imperfections in TRILLANES’ documents!! Pahiya idol mo!! And now he doesn’t want to reveal transaction history of his bank accounts!!! If he’s keeping secrets, why? Isipin mo Yan ungas if meron kang utak NG lamok!!

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