Fans of Rodrigo Duterte should first think of their jobs and daily food for their children, siblings and parents before casting their vote for the Davao city mayor on May 9.

Why so? Simple.

If Duterte fans don’t wise up soon enough, they are likely to regret ever voting for him after being led into believing his tall promises, mainly on mass extermination of criminals.

Duterte fans and undecided voters should face and deal with this harsh reality – where will your jobs and livelihood be under a Duterte presidency?

Bluntly speaking, Duterte hardly cares about jobs, livelihood and growing the country’s economy. He’s not very interested in jobs, livelihood and economic matters because of his obsession with tackling criminality. After seeing his “magic formula” – a strongman approach to criminality – win the hearts and mind of many Pinoys, he is now shrewdly cashing in on this phenomenon to capture the presidency.

That Duterte hardly cares about the country’s economy – and by extension, jobs and livelihood for every Juan de la Cruz including Duterte fans — was made as clear as daylight yesterday.

He went yesterday to a very, very important business meeting attended by the most important business leaders in the Philippines. Duterte was the guest speaker at yesterday’s luncheon meeting of the Makati Business Club and the Management Association of the Philippines, two of the country’s most influential business groups today.

Those who attended the luncheon gathering were presidents, managing directors, chief executive officers and even owners of the corporations that they are running. They came to hear what Duterte plans to do to grow and expand the economy if he wins the presidency. They wanted to hear what role private businessmen will play under a possible Duterte presidency and what his administration plan to do to help the business community flourish and expand.

But Duterte sorely appointed them. Instead of outlining his vision, programs and projects to grow and expand the country’s economy, he again spoke about his favorite subjects – dealing with criminality harshly, education, government red tape and health services.

The situation can be likened to a job applicant going for a job interview with a prospective employer. It is plain and simple common sense to prepare very, very well for a job interview before seeing a prospective employer. Meticulous preparation simply means knowing very well the subjects of the interview by gathering as much information as humanly possible through research, readings and even personal chats with family members and close friends who know intimately the subjects of the job interview. Without thorough preparation ahead of a job interview – whether for a job as a domestic helper in Hong Kong, as a call center staff in Ortigas or a clerk or IT professional in Makati – an applicant won’t have much hope or chance of nailing a desired job.

Duterte never prepared for a very important speech and dialogue with the country’s most important and influential business leaders. His pathetic lack of preparation and concern for economic matters was clearly shown in the lack of substance in his rambling speech, which included his standard self-deprecating, sex-spiced jokes.

His clear lack of interest in very vital and critical issue of growing and expanding the country’s economy raises glaring and most disturbing questions: Is he fit and ready to run the economic affairs of the country since his background is only that of running a city in Mindanao?

If Duterte lacks the interest, knowledge and aptitude to run the affairs of the country, what will happen to the jobs, livelihood and daily food of more than 100 million Filipinos? Basta basta na lang as he focuses on taking down criminals and other issues?

If the national economy is not given proper and full attention and support, what will happen if the economy goes haywire in a worse-case scenario and companies start closing down, resulting in job losses and loss of incomes?

What future awaits the estimated one million fresh college graduates every year? Will scores of fresh graduates desperately chase after jobs overseas even at the risk of being scammed by vicious recruiters, drug mules and even prostitution victims of international crime syndicates?

If Duterte fans start losing jobs and incomes, and experience economic hardships, can they ask the mayor to produce instant jobs for them?

Compared to a city mayor without any interest at all in economic matters, an alternative candidate like Mar Roxas is a far superior choice because of his wealth of experience in the economy and workings of the government, as well as his corruption-free track record. To a lesser extent, Grace Poe is another option with the competence and leadership qualities that she has shown chairing key Senate public hearings despite being inexperienced in the civil service.

In two separate occasions earlier, two other presidential candidates – Roxas and Grace Poe – addressed the influential business leaders and expounded on their proposed economic programs and key projects. With his long years of government service, Roxas obviously impressed business leaders more than Poe.

Having less criminals roaming the streets as what Duterte promises is well and good. But every Filipino, together with all his or her loved ones, has to eat three square meals a day. Jobs, livelihood and daily food are the top priority of all Filipinos, whether in the Philippines or overseas. A presidential aspirant, like Duterte, who hardly cares about these issues clearly has questionable  sincerity and genuine concern for the betterment for the general welfare of all Pinoys.

Duterte is bad for Philippine economy and all Pinoys. Duterte only knows how to run a city in Mindanao and is best staying there. Our country will be better off with a more competent and experienced bureaucrat like Roxas or to a lesser extent Poe.

For more information that will amplify certain points raised in this blog, please refer to the Inquirer links below:



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  1. Bias report… You must be a Roxas supporter or someone paid you to make this report? Have you actually been to where he deals the livelihoods of criminals in Davao? Why didn’t you put your name to whoever did this article in fear of your life? Make sure your facts are real… So disappointed with the media… So afraid of change.

    • Of course this is a biased piece because I’m expressing my personal views and opinions! How moronic can you be not distinguishing between a blog and news websites? Please eat more kamote you grow more brain cells. Ok? And how dare you accuse me of being a paid bashers and a ghost writer! Kahit grade 2 lang natapos ko e Si ako tulad mo — Gago, ungas, ugok, bulol, ulol! Nameless ka pa Duwag! E ako ayan ang name ko at litrato. Kamukha mo ba Si Gidzilla kaya ayAw mo ipakita mukha mo

    • Hi Berna, Whether you read or not my blogs is no issue at all to me. But Just ask yourself these questions and be honest with your answers:
      1. Duterte at first denied having an account with BPI Julia Vargas branch, but he was forced to admit soon after that he has one in that branch.
      2. Duterte and cayetano signed in March a public declaration, promising to open to public scrutiny their financial affairs. But is he now afraid to open the history of his bank transactions in his 3 bank accounts in Metro Manila cited by TRILLANES? If he has nothing to hide, why can’t he issue a waiver to the secrecy of his bank accounts just like what Mar Roxas and Grace POE has done?
      If we dwell on these questions and look for answers, will we be open-minded enough to recognize indications of realities even if they are harsh?

      • He never denied his bank accounts and even asked his counsel Atty Panelo to represent him to allow BPI to open the accounts and BPI did reveal that there was at no poin in time whether singly or cumulatively was there ever such amount. Let us all boil down to the bottomline which is TRACK record. Duterte’s work was not recognized only here but worldwide. And yes with many foreign investors vowing to invest if Duterte wins, then there will be more jobs for the Filipinos and more food for the table.

      • Hi Berna, you dub yourself as a patriot on the web or in cyberspace. So, please act as one and please do what is best for the good of our country and its people. Please be more open minded and please read more credible sources of information, like the Inquirer and major newspapers in the Phils. Not just FB postings or some obscure & one-sided websites. Allow me to simplify things so you get a fuller understanding of what’s happening. For example — If P100,000 was deposited into your bank account in January, February and March 2016, then your account has a total of P300,000 towards the end of March. But if you withdrew P290,000 on April 20, then your account will only show P10,000 at the end of April. Same thing with duterte. The BPI certification obtained by Panelo only showed P17,000, right? But why can’t Duterte reveal a history of transactions in that BPI account if he has nothing to hide? And track record in Davao? Yes, he did good projects there. But if you yourself is mayor of your town or city in the province in 22 years, won’t you have accomplishments? And what can you say about the Commission on Audit findings in 2015 that his city government spent P708 million for 11,000 contract workers in 2014 — just one year — but there we no complete names of all 11,000 contractual workers and no signatures every month that they collected their salaries? Isn’t this a clear indication of ghost employees and big-time corruption of P708 million in one year alone? So, please, please, Ms Patriot. Please think more critically and deeply of Duterte whom you wish to vote. If you’re a foreign investor, will you invest in the Philippines if there’s more political instability as a result of Duterte’s mass killings of criminals, criminals fighting back with stronger weapons, the armed forces trying to overthrow the government because Duterte is very close to the Communists, etc etc. I’m sure you’ll go elsewhere where there is more peace and quiet for your company’s operations.

      • FYI more foreign investors have pledged investments as long as they feel safety, they are willing to invest here, Davao has been in the spotlight and internationally recognized for the progress, so yes I will vote for him over and over. He put down the hardcore criminals so that the greater majority can live peacefully. In fact a lot have invested in Davao already — the most modern steel plant in the Philippines is in Davao, and the first underwater train connecting the Philippines with Asia will be in Davao, safety? Davao is the third place in the world to have 911. And to answer your post that I don’t rely on credible sources, as far as accounts are concerned, BPI the institution has spoken.

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